What to Consider When Choosing Tile Flooring: A Buyer’s Guide

It’s important to choose the appropriate tile flooring selection for your home because it can affect both the interior’s appearance and usefulness. Making an informed decision that fits your needs and preferences is crucial because tiles come in a broad variety of alternatives, from different materials to varied designs. In this guide by Floor Land, we’ll explore the important variables to take into account while choosing tile flooring in this thorough buyer’s guide.

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Different Material Options

There are numerous materials available for tiles, and each one has special qualities. The tile’s resilience, upkeep, and appearance will all be heavily impacted by the material you select. You should think about the following tile materials:

1. Ceramic Tiles

Clay and other natural materials are used to make them. Both glazed and unglazed ceramic tile options are available. For use in bathrooms and kitchens, glazed ceramic tiles are ideal since they are more stain-resistant and frequently have elaborated designs. While unglazed ceramic tiles are more slip-resistant and are better suited for outdoor use or high-traffic areas, they are also more affordable.

2. Porcelain Tiles

Even though they are made of clay, porcelain tiles are fired at greater temperatures than ceramic tiles, giving them a denser and more lasting finish. They are excellent against moisture, stains, and wear and are appropriate for every use.

3. Natural Stone Tiles

A timeless appearance is provided by materials including marble, granite, slate, travertine, and limestone. But because natural stone tiles need more upkeep and are stain-prone, sealing is crucial. Although these tiles can be utilized in many indoor applications, they are less suited for locations where water resistance is a concern.

4. Glass Tile

The translucent elegance of glass tiles is well-known, and they are frequently employed as decorative accents. They are not as strong as other materials and are more appropriate for accent walls or backsplashes than high-traffic areas.

5. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles resemble the look of natural materials like stone and wood while being less expensive and available in a variety of styles. They are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens since they are water-resistant and comfortable to walk on.

6. Cement Tiles

Due to their distinctive patterns and adaptability, these handcrafted tiles are becoming more and more popular. For durability, they need to be sealed because they are porous. Tiles made of cement look great both indoors and outside.

Location and Use

Where you intend to lay the tiles will affect the type of material and design you choose. The needs of various rooms in your house vary:

1. Kitchen

Kitchens frequently see a lot of foot traffic and are spill-prone. Due to their strength and simplicity of maintenance, porcelain or glazed ceramic tiles are fantastic options.

2. Bathroom

In restrooms, moisture resistance is essential. The best possibilities are porcelain, glazed ceramic, or natural stone tiles. Make sure they are non-slip, particularly in shower areas.

3. Living Areas

You have additional material options for living rooms and bedrooms. Choose tiles that match your interior design while keeping in mind the overall appearance.

4. Outdoor Spaces

Choose materials like porcelain, natural stone, or cement tiles made for exterior usage for tiling outdoor spaces like patios, terraces, or pool surrounds.

Size And Shapes

The visual impression of a place can be greatly affected by the size and shape of the tiles. Intricate patterns and features can be created using tiny tiles, while larger tiles might give the impression that a space is larger. The following are some dimensions to take into account:

1. Small Tiles

It is possible to make complex patterns or designs using mosaic tiles or small-format tiles. For backsplashes or decorative accents, they are frequently employed.

2. Large Tiles

Because they have fewer grout lines, large-format tiles can give the appearance that a space is larger. For modern settings, they are a well-liked option.

3. Subway Tiles

In bathrooms and kitchens, rectangular subway tiles are a classic choice. They can be arranged in different ways to give anything a special appearance.

Color And Design

To achieve the ideal look in your home, tile color and design are important considerations. Here are some things to think about:

1. Color

Darker tiles can provide warmth, while lighter tiles can enlarge and brighten a room. Take into account your current color scheme and how the tile color will go with it.

2. Pattern And Texture

The patterns and textures of tiles are very diverse. Keep in mind the look you want to accomplish. Your home can gain personality with geometric designs, wood-look tiles, and textured tiles.

3. Grout Color

The overall appearance can be affected by the color of the grout used in between the tiles. Choosing contrasting grout can make the tiles stand out while choosing a complementary color gives the area a more continuous appearance.


Your tile-picking method must take your budget into account. Although there are tile options for any budget, it’s important to take installation expenses, including labor and any required materials like underlayment and grout, into account in addition to the cost of the tiles themselves.

Installation And Maintenance

Tile installation is a specialized task that demands accuracy. The greatest strategy to make sure the tiles are properly laid and aligned is frequently to hire a professional tile installer. Also, take into account how much money and time will be needed for upkeep over time.

Winding Up

Practical factors and personal preferences are combined while choosing the best tile flooring. You can make a choice that improves the aesthetics and practicality of your living area by taking into account the material, location, size, color, upkeep, budget, and installation. Take your time, consider your alternatives, and get professional advice if necessary to make sure your choice of tile flooring is ideal for your house.