Eco Friendly Artificial Grass in Dubai By Floor Land LLC

We are a flooring company with 10+ years of experience in providing the best artificial grass solutions. Our products are known for being of the top-quality in Dubai.


Enhance Your Space With Our Durable Artificial Grass

We help transform your residential and commercial landscapes with fake grass solutions. Buy our premium artificial grass in Dubai that is made from top-quality synthetic eco-friendly materials. As a renowned flooring company in Dubai, we provide durable synthetic grass rolls that are known for their low maintenance costs. Adorn your commercial and residential spaces with custom designs for year-long green aesthetics appeal.

They do not fade with moisture or sunlight exposure.

Enjoy the all-year green look without high-maintenance.

Their fibers do not get pressed with high foot activity.

high quality artificial grass


Just give us a call and a professional faux grass
carpet fixer visits you for his expert opinion.


Check Our Multiple Artificial Grass in Dubai

We believe in diverse solutions and this is why our company has a wide catalog of varying grass fiber types.

Sports Turf

Nylon sports artificial grass in Dubai is popular due to its durability.

Lawn Grass

Buy our polyethylene grass rolls for a natural, comforting look.

Event Grass

Adorn your events with our polypropylene fake grass carpets at low prices.

Residential Grassing

Enhance your residence appeal with a nylon base and PP or PE fibers.


For Dubai’s warm weather, buy faux grass with sunlight-reflective properties.

Wall Artificial Grass

Get a custom wall artificial grass for your home, office, shop or for the hotel. This add a beautiful touch to the interior of your space.


Features of Our High Quality Artificial Grass Products

UV Protection

Our grass carpets are made to withstand Dubai’s warm weather and sunlight.

Natural Look

They give a natural and fresh look for an entire year without needing water or fertilizer.

Cooling Effect

The green color of our synthetic turf keeps your terrace and balcony cool.

Proper Drainage

We provide fake grass that comes with a proper backing layer and drainage systems.


1200+ Success Stories For Artificial Grass Installation

With a company portfolio of 10+ years and 1200+ completed jobs, we have a customer satisfaction rate of 100%. With each artificial grass carpet installation job we create a success story of trust.

Before and After Artificial Grass Installation


We Have Experts for Artificial Grass Styling

We believe in quality service and this is why we have the best fake grass experts in Dubai. These experts with their knowledge of fake grass styling trends, perform perfect treatments. Get the best ideas to install our grass carpets on the wall, interior, or outdoors.


Custom Event Artificial Grass Installation

We elevate the interior of your event and exhibition spaces with customized artificial grass in Dubai. Get synthetic turf with varying thicknesses, textures, and colors. Choose from our catalog or pitch a custom idea and we deliver the best solution. We combine durability with natural aesthetics for remarkable events.


Our Latest Artificial Grass Samples

We have in our collection the latest samples for trending fake grass carpets. choose the one for your specific preferences.

Turf 44mm

Turf 43mm

Turf 42mm

Turf 40mm

Turf 45mm

Turf 44mm

Turf 43mm

Turf 42mm

Turf 40mm

Turf 45mm

Walnut Palazzo – D4757

Achat Oak – D2304

Bourbon Oak – D2929

Borneo Teak – D2986

Elbe Oak – D3901

Walnut Historia – D4773

Walnut Palazzo – D4757

Achat Oak – D2304

Bourbon Oak – D2929

Borneo Teak – D2986

Elbe Oak – D3901

Walnut Historia – D4773

Walnut Palazzo – D4757

Achat Oak – D2304

Bourbon Oak – D2929

Borneo Teak – D2986

Elbe Oak – D3901

Walnut Historia – D4773

Give Us A Call For Expert Best Artificial Grass Consultation

Do you wish to know more about options for artificial grass in Dubai? Just give us a call. We do FREE consultations over the phone. Our best people are here to help you decide on the right grass choice for your residential and commercial needs.



How It Works

Four Step Process To Buy Fake Grass From Us

We follow our streamline process to let you experience the hassle-free artificial grass treatment. Here is how we handle every fake grass landscaping project.


Contact Us

Call or email us to ask your artificial grass-related queries.



Our professional staff listens to your grass carpeting needs.



Set a date for our expert to come in for fake grass carpeting.



1-day artificial grass flooring of the desired area with expertise and precision.

Covering UAE Wide

We offer Imitation Grass in the Entire Dubai

Palm Jumeirah


Business Bay


Al Barsha


Al Ain


Downtown Dubai


Arabian Ranches


Silicon Oasis


Palm Island



What Our Customer Saying

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Floor Land for Artificial Grass In Dubai?

Choose us for expertise and quality when looking for natural artificial grass solutions specific to Dubai’s harsh climate.


We provide artificial grass in Dubai with waterproofing qualities to last longer.

Day Urgent Service

Our expertise lies in same-day consultation and grass carpeting.

Certified Grass Floorers

You will get synthetic grass turf from our certified and professional experts.

After Service Support

Taking care of any problems after grass carpeting on a single call.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our top-quality fake grass turfs with proper installation result in durable carpeting of your lawns, balconies, rooftops, poolside, backyards and lawns. Top-quality materials used in manufacturing can help last the turf for 15+ years. Occasional professional maintenance is essential for durability and longevity.

Yes, we are a company that offers tailored solutions for fake grass installations. You need to only call our number and tell our experts your vision. Experts arrive and measure your landscape and come up with a bespoke solution. From start to finish, a custom grass carpeting job takes only 3 days max.

Before installing your imitation grass in Dubai, our expert treats each roll with eco-friendly antimicrobial agents. This is mostly done for densely populated areas to inhibit mold growth and remove pests.

Yes, we manufacture fake grass with durable fiber materials and underside backing materials like latex as primary coatings. This ensures that areas like playgrounds and sports fields with dense foot traffic maintain the appearance and quality of the fake grass.

We, as a market leader in grass carpeting, offer our customers with warranties for both materials and installations. This peace of mind for customers is what got us repeat customers and referrals to become a brand.

Low maintenance is needed to keep your faux grass carpeting pristine and fresh. General maintenance you can do for your fake grass includes brushing the fibers in the upright position and rinsing with clean water to remove debris.

Yes, our imitation grass in Dubai is made to be easily recyclable to ensure minimal environmental impact in not only Dubai but the world.

Our grass fibers are densely woven and have a strong primary coating. This is done especially keeping in mind violent sand and dust storms in Dubai making the grass resistant against abrasions and debris friction.

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