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We are a premier supplier of Persian carpets in Dubai to give that traditional look to your decor.

Persian Carpet and Rugs
Iranian Carpet and Rugs

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Premium Quality Persian Carpet and Rugs For Sale in Dubai

We are a reputed carpet shop in Dubai for selling Iranian or Persian carpets and rugs. Each carpet is a work of art that adds to your interior fittings.

Premium Quality

We make each Persian floor covered with the best quality fabrics and threads to present those Persian motifs in their full elegance.

350+ Designs

With our 350+ designs of Persian rugs in Dubai, you can pick the one for your home or office. We offer personalized solutions for everyone.


Exclusive Types of Persian Carpets and Rugs At Our Store

We sell Persian carpets and rugs in Dubai with unique design patterns crafted with their individual regional influence. Here are some of our best sellers:

Tabraiz Rugs and Carpets

Tabriz Carpets and Rugs

Known for their origin from the city of Tabriz and their floral patterns and intricate borders, these floor coverings are made from silk.

Kashan Rugs and Carpets

Kashan Rugs and Carpets

Design influences from the Kashan region of central Iran; these carpets offer rich colors with central medallion motifs made from silk.

Isfahan Carpet and Rugs

Isfahan Carpets and Rugs

A popularity from Isfahan known for their fine knitting rugs on silk materials with intricate designs. These carpets offer a luxurious feel to the room.

Bakhtiari Carpet

Bakhtiari Rugs and Carpets

Our Bakhtiari rugs are made from cotton and wool with bold color and intricate designs in a durable build the value of genuine Persian rugs.


Persian Rugs and Carpets Collection 2024

Get Your Free Consultation For Persian Floor Coverings

We have a 24/7 customer support service to answer all your queries for Persian carpets and rugs for FREE.


We Sell Persian Rugs and Carpets Packed With Best Features

Our Persian carpets in Dubai are more than just floor decorations. They are an investment to your style and decor with quality features.


High Knot Density

A high knot density is proof of our craftsmanship and the carpet’s durability.


Natural Dyes

Feast your eyes with the vibrant colors of these Persian rugs in Dubai, designed with natural dyes.


Cultural Motifs

Each carpet and rug has finely woven designs, a cultural specialty of olden Persian cities.



As each Persian carpet is handmade, it is a collectible carpet, making it a secure investment.


Get Your Dream Persian Carpet With Ideal Knotting Techniques

The design and pattern might be important for Persian rugs in Dubai, but it is the knotting technique that makes the real difference in its quality. Discover different knots for our floor coverings.

Senneh Knot

Jufti Knot

Kerman Knot

Shiraz Knot

Afshar Knot

Turkish Knot


We Have the Best Vintage Persian Rugs and Carpets Collection

We are the leading supplier of vintage Persian carpets and rugs in Dubai with an adequate grading method involving their knot density, regional cultural designs, signature patterns, age and patina. With an authenticity certificate, our Persian vintage rugs will become a financial investment.


How To Book Your Order

Our booking process is simple as it takes only 3 simple steps from contacting us to delivery at your doorstep.

Contact and Ask

Visit our store or contact us via call or email and ask for our collection of Persian rugs and carpets in Dubai.

Design Selection

You can select a Persian floor covering from our website or get physical design samples and be sure to get a free quote for them.

Booking and Delivery

With the design selection done, place your order online or on a call with your address. We do free delivery of Persian carpets online in Dubai.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Persian Carpet and Rugs?

When searching for Persian carpets and rugs for sale in Dubai, our showroom has the largest inventory of hand-knotted rugs at great value prices.

Market Leader

As a leading Persian carpet company for over 10 years, we are officially a market leader.

Original Quality

We import exceptional handmade Persian carpets in Dubai directly from weavers in Iran.

Extensive Range

We have thousands of floral, geometric, traditional, and contemporary rugs for every space.

classic persian carpet


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classic persian carpet


Frequently Asked Questions

They are unlike the other floor coverings and are made from natural materials like silk, cotton, and wool. All these fabric builds make these oriental rugs and carpets biodegradable. They are also special because each one is handmade for quality.

When you buy your Persian carpets and rugs from us, you get an authenticity certificate. Other than that look for the sewing fringes which are present only on handcrafted ones. These fringes form the wrapping ends for the thread are warped to show the fabric build as a whole.

Yes, due to their handcrafted nature and special patterns, these Persian rugs and carpets can be used on both floors as coverings or on walls as decorations.

Most oriental floor coverings do not demand any special sort of cleaning due to their soft fabric. However, special maintenance and care is to be carried out for them. The reason is that each natural fiber needs different maintenance treatments.

Fast project completion is our specialty! For mosques carpeting needs with narrow deadlines, we are the best option. Give us a call and book our services without any delay.

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