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Have a fresh new interior look for your residences and commercial spaces with our modern wave style curtains.

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Add Elegance To Your Interiors With Our Wave Curtains Dubai

Are you tired of those same old boring plain curtains? Do you want curtains that not only add elegance to your interiors but also have a fresh style? If you answer yes to these questions then we present to you our wave curtains in Dubai. A sleek design with a modern intake, featuring continuous folds in the waveform when the curtain closes.

We bring these wave window curtains in a wide range of fabric materials, colors, and textures. From homes to commercial spaces, add these curtains to any window for elegant decor. Call now or visit our showroom to get access to our latest arrival of this year.


Wave Curtain Designs That Match Your Room Decor

We have the best type of wave curtains in Dubai with different types of curtain dressing patterns. From stiff to supple, we have

Wave Rail Curtains

Double Wave Curtains

  • Comes with 2 different fabric layers
  • Modern sleek appearance
  • Complete light & privacy regulation
  • A continuous wave-like pattern
  • Dampens excess noise in the room
Plain Sheer Wave Curtains

S Wave Curtains

  • An S-shape wave fold pattern
  • A modernized aesthetic appearance
  • Comes in various fabrics
  • Easy opening & closing
  • A uniform look for curtain
Ripple Fold Curtains

Ripple Fold Curtains

  • Curtains folds are in equal ripple pattern
  • Have a minimalistic appearance
  • Easy to function & easier maintenance
  • Best for Large size windows
  • Excellent stacking of heavy drapes


Select Fabric Samples For
Wave Curtain Designs













5029-serial 24-min

6589-serial 23-min

6704-serial 11-min

2769-serial 15-min

3861-serial 2-min

4681-serial 14-min

1261-serial 7-min

2151-serial 5-min

8160-serial 28-min

8212-serial 29-min

8566-serial 16-min

4890-serial 1-min

3975-Serial No 25

6044-Serial No 3

7729-Serial No 7

8701-Serial No 19

9430-Serial No 5

3496-Serial No 1

Get Free Window Measurements for Wave Curtains!

Call us from anywhere in Dubai – get free consultation, free site visits, and free window measurements to get better price estimates.


Benefits of Our Wave Curtains That Make Them Favorite

We have wave curtains in Dubai of various types but each of them is made to offer the same amount of benefits to their users.


Versatile Aesthetics

Available in modern to contemporary designs to fit with any interior style for better aesthetics.


Space Saving

Wave curtains with their neat and stacked curtain opening are suitable even for small spaces


Light & Noise Control

Often comes with dense fabrics, offering some degree of light, noise, and privacy control.


UV Protection

Our curtains with their UV coatings prevent the sunlight from fading the fabrics for long use.


We Customize Wave Curtains At Affordable Prices

If you want custom wave curtains in Dubai, you can select a design, pattern, or style from our gallery. For a customized solution, give us custom preferences without any limitations.

30+ fabric options

60+ color selections

Custom header

Personalized width

Tailored wave depth

Wave-fold curtain track

wave ripple fold curtains


Our Wave Effect Curtains Gallery


Hire Our Top-Rated Wave Curtain Installation Services

We are proud to have the best curtain-fixing expert at Floor Land LLC. Get the experience of hassle-free wave curtain installation in Dubai. We ensure accurate fitting with flawless operability of the curtains. We provide you with the most stylish and accurate curtain-fitting solution with custom wave styling.


Our Process To Book Wave Curtains Online in Dubai

We have a simple process for our customers to book their order for window curtains with wave style. Just follow these 3 steps.

Call & Inquire

Call our helpline to get in touch with our sales team. They will guide you with different types of wave curtains and their accessories.

Order Selection

We send free curtain samples to your house and from that you can choose your design. You can also book an order for a custom one.

Team Arrives

You get the delivery of your luxury curtains within 1-2 days. The team arrives with your curtains and they install it the same day.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us for Wave Curtains?

We are a curtain company in Dubai with 15+ years of presence, we are surely one of the suppliers of wave curtains in Dubai with the finest quality and lowest price for services.

Fast Services

From curtain selection to order placement to booking to installation our services are fast and smooth.

24/7 Sales Rep

We have year-round online visibility – call us or email us for your queries and get helpful guidance.

Wide Selection

Benefit from our wide selection of colors, designs, types, textures, and fabric options for wave curtains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we make our wave curtains with soft yet densely woven fabrics. These fabrics by blocking the heat from outside help in thermoregulation within the room making them an energy-efficient window covering solution.

Yes, our wave window curtains are made with top-quality fabrics that do not frill or frail even after long use. As for maintenance and cleaning, use regular vacuuming to remove any dirt and dust from them.

Yes, like most of our window covering solutions, our wave style curtains can be customized to fit any window size; whether large or small. Our curtain fitters ensure that each curtain is fitted seamlessly into the window space for better functioning.

Yes, we have the motorized curtains with wave style too and we can custom-make them as per your preferred motor mechanism. You can get the wall-switch motorized wave curtains to one that can be controlled via a remote control app.

The installation time depends upon a number of factors including the size of the window and how many windows you need to have covered. Still, our team works fast and we take care of most jobs within a day.

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