Eco Friendly Coir Mats Available in Dubai By Floor Land LLC

Welcome your guest with an inviting gesture with our biodegradable coir mats in Dubai. They are made from 100% natural coconut husk for comfort and natural aesthetics.

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We Have the Resilient Coir Mats For Every Space in Dubai

Are you tired of those boring old mats made from synthetic fibers? Do you want something that adds a natural appeal to your living spaces? Well, we bring to you our contemporary coir mats featuring a natural coconut husk fiber build. We also provide synthetic blends of these coir mats for both natural aesthetics & durability.

We have coir mats in Dubai in varying styles, such as welcome mats, printed ones, and even custom ones. Each mat is available at market-competitive rates, adding a sense of style to your entryways. With a strong backing layer and tightly knit coir fibers, these mats offer dirt-trapping and anti-slipping features.


Choose From Our Sustainable Range of Coconut Husk Mats in Dubai

As a leading supplier of customized mats in Dubai, we offer coir mats in diverse styles, such as dotted and spiral patterns, neutral themes, and personalized logos.

welcome door mat

Coir Door Mat

  • Made from eco-friendly coconut husk fibers
  • Textured build for trapping dirt while entering the front door
  • Made to be all-weather resistant & withstand wear & tear
  • Suitable for every kind of entryway & door for every space
Coir Runner Mat

Coir Runner Mat

  • Available in large rolls with narrow & long shapes
  • Made from coir material to trap dirt from shoes
  • Featuring a non-slip backing to keep mats in place
  • Ideal for use in corridors, hallways, retail stores, & entryways
Non Slip Coir Mat

Non-Slip Coir Mat

  • Made from sustainable coir materials for safety
  • A backing layer & floor grips to reduce slips & falls
  • Offers easy maintenance via vacuuming or shaking
  • Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, & poolside areas

Coir Mats are Available in Different
Sizes and Shapes

75 x 120

75 x 120

half circle coir mat

half circle coir mat

stylish coir mat

stylish coir mat

60 x 90 coir mat

60 x 90 coir mat

75 x 120 coir mat

75 x 120 coir mat

60 x 90

60 x 90

75 x 120 coir

75 x 120 coir

coir mat with black lining

coir mat with black lining

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We offer 24/7 online availability for you to contact us. Consult with our team and tell your requirements to get a free price estimate for coconut mats.

Best Coir Mats Supplier in Dubai With Customization Options

We provide affordable customized coir mats in Dubai – tailor-made to your preferences. Get custom thickness within 15 mm to 25mm range for a custom size in the range of 60cm * 90cm to 120cm * 180cm. Adorn your custom mats with printed logos & brand shapes in modern or classic designs.

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Why Choose Our Coir Mats Dubai?

For 15+ years, our flooring Dubai shop has been selling premium quality coir mats in Dubai making a brand name for ourselves. Our customers choose us because of:

Premium Coir Mats

Our mats are certified for a 100% natural coconut husk fiber material built for top quality.


Our coir mats feature functional features like anti-slipping & dirt trapping at affordable rates.

Customer Satisfaction

With over 5000+ custom coir mats sold, we have ensured 100% satisfaction every time.

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