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We offer premier vinyl flooring in Dubai at cheap prices. Our practice for luxury vinyl flooring involves the use of multi-layer flooring made of quality materials.

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Add Value to Your Home with Our Vinyl Flooring

Dubai residents often express concern about their flooring, especially during the summer season when temperatures soar to 40 degrees Celsius or even higher. They seek a flooring option that can withstand such extreme temperatures.

Our vinyl flooring is available in multi-layered quality, made from synthetic materials with a total thickness of up to 6 mm. This structure enables vinyl flooring in Dubai to withstand high temperatures effectively with a Dimensional stability value equal to 0.15%.

So, If you’re located near Al Ameed Plaza, Al Quoz 4, Dubai, or any other local areas of Dubai i.e. JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Deira, Al Barsha, and Silicon Oasis, you can take advantage of our vinyl flooring services.


Different Types of Vinyl Floors at Our Store

We offer a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring types for Dubai residents, including sheet vinyl flooring, vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl plank flooring, PVC vinyl flooring, Tarkett vinyl flooring, and LVT flooring.


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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Get vinyl tiles with wood or stone in varying colors, textures, and patterns for a natural look of any flooring option.

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl Planks

These vinyl planks have the appearance of hardwood planks to give your floor that real-wood appearance with water resistance.

Vinyl Sheets

Vinyl Sheet

We sell Vinyl sheet rolls for high-foot traffic spaces like hotels, offices, and restaurants. Choose from a wide selection of designs.

PVC Vinyl

PVC vinyl is a high-quality, and water-resistant flooring option. Expert installation for lasting beauty and functionality.


Select From The Latest Vinyl Flooring Samples

Iconik 450 is a top collection of vinyl floor offered by Floor Land covering for heavy-duty domestic use. You can buy these vinyl rolls in 19-meter lengths for a thickness of 4.5 mm – offering impact sound reduction of up to 20 dB. You can get this residential vinyl roll with a warranty of 15 years and is completely recyclable.

Herringbone Grege – 5203109

LIGHT GREY – 5203091

ANTHRACITE – 5203086

Authentic BEIGE – 5203069

BEIGE – 5203048

BEIGE – 5203067

CARBON – 5203058

DARK GREGE – 5203094

MEDIUM BEIGE – 5203087

French Oak GREGE – 5203107

GREGE – 5203045

GREGE – 5203059

Iconik 260D is one of the popular customer choices for vinyl flooring for homes available at Floor Land. You can have this vinyl flooring in a single roll sheet of 30 m for a thickness of 2.6 mm. You can choose from various wooden textures for this vinyl flooring with a noise reduction up to 16 dB with a warranty of 10 years.

Blanc – 27123103

Dark Black – 27123117

Dark Grey – 27123010

Dark Grey – 27123106

Light Grey – 27123012

Metalic – 27123094

Multicolor – 27123114

Argent – 27123104

Beige – 27123086

Red Brown – 27123101

White – 27123120

Black – 27123080

Contract Plus is our best-selling vinyl flooring collection made to service hospitals. This is a single-layered vinyl flooring option of 2.0mm thickness with slip resistance feature. Choose your hospital vinyl flooring from a broad collection of 24 colors. Select one from our Contract Plus collection for busy work places to dampen loud noises.

Light Green 21455 022

Light Grey 21455 007

Light Sand 21455 018

Orange 21455 019

Warm Beige 21455 016

White 21455 008

Yellow 21455 020

Black 21455 004

Blue 21455 023

Brown 21455 015

Cold Grey 21455 010

Light Cool Beige 21455 011

Standard Plus is our top selling vinyl flooring collection, ideal for commercial spaces. This single layered vinyl flooring comes in 2.0 mm thickness. We have color variation of 30 in rolls and 10 in tile forms. Choose any design or texture within our Standard Okus collection – made to withstand high-foot traffic.




Royal Blue


Stone Grey

Warm Grey

Dark Blue

Dark Green

Light Grey


Medium Blue

We Do Free Home Visits For Floor Measurements

Contact us, and we will send our expert vinyl flooring fixers to your property to take measurements and provide an affordable quote.


The Specialties of Our Vinyl Flooring

As a top flooring company in Dubai, we have been providing cheap flooring in Dubai of various types that never compromise on quality. Our Vinyl flooring is one of them and has the following features



Our Vinyl flooring is exceptionally durable thanks to its resistance to chemical products and its wear resistance that is nearly equal to 2.0 mm3.


Easy Maintenance

Our vinyl flooring is treated with PUR+ treatment, a polyurethane coating that simplifies maintenance, ensuring ease of care.


Comfort Walking

Our vinyl flooring is rated R10, making it more slip-resistant than standard tiles, enhancing safety and minimizing the risk of slips and falls.


Noise Dampening

Our vinyl flooring in Dubai offers 19dB less noise compared to standard tiles, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment.


Our Versatile Finishes For Vinyl Flooring in Dubai

Our experts lay down vinyl flooring and make it a work of art. Choose from our different finishes for a desired aesthetic effect.

Matte Finish

Glossy Finish

Wooden Effect

Stone Effect

Rustic Finish

Embossed Finish


Check Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


We Do Professional Vinyl Flooring Installation

Expert floor fixers with years of experience start laying vinyl flooring by preparing the subfloor. They measure and cut the vinyl tiles or sheets for adequate use. To fit the vinyl flooring in Dubai, we use strong adhesives and press the floor for smooth adhesion.


Our 3-Step Working Process

We believe in an agile service for every type of vinyl flooring in Dubai. Most of our jobs only take us 1 day.

Call & Discuss

Dial our number and talk with our consultants. They guide you through the selection of right vinyl flooring for your home.

Choose Design

Our consultants guide you to choose the right vinyl flooring type and design for your floor. Get your budgeted quote and book an installation date.

Expert Installation

Our expert vinyl floor installers in Dubai arrive on the scheduled date. They finish the floor treatment within a day and leave after cleaning.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us For Vinyl Flooring in Dubai?

Floor Land is the best vinyl flooring company in Dubai. With our professionals, we are ready round the clock to serve you at the best. Our floors are made from high-quality vinyl and tend to serve you without being faded. Book an appointment with us, and we will be there at your doorstep to provide the best vinyl floor treatment.

24/7 Availability

We have the year-long availability to service our clients any time of the day with vinyl flooring queries.

Quality Materials 

We ensure making each product with high-quality vinyl material to prevent fading for long-lasting use.


We made it to the top of the vinyl flooring trend with our quality service and low-cost prices for our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our installation crew is experienced and can install vinyl flooring over your existing floor. We will prepare your existing floor prior to the installation. We are masters in this field and can offer you a flawless installation experience.

Absolutely yes, vinyl flooring is a good choice to be used in water-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. This flooring has water-resistant properties. It can withstand splashes of water and standing water too. Such a feature makes it an ideal option for moisture-prone places as well.

Vinyl flooring is considered a good option for houses with pets. It comes up with scratch-resistant properties. With its top wear layer, it can bear the scratches easily providing you with a beautiful interior for a long time. Which is why your pets can not scratch the floor with their paws easily.

Yes, vinyl floors are very easy to upkeep and they have minimal maintenance requirements too. You only have to do routine cleaning of your vinyl floors and that’s it. If you have a busy daily routine schedule then vinyl floors are the best choice for you.

Confused about choosing the best company for vinyl flooring in Dubai? Do not get worried as you are present at the leading vinyl flooring supplier in the whole UAE. Our company Floor Land provides you with an extensive collection of vinyl floors and a load of other services as well.

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