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Buy our round carpets to make your room’s interior look not only luxurious but also make it to complement your home decor. Select your color, material, and circular shape for custom round rugs and carpets.

Customized round carpet
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We Customize The Best Round Carpets in Dubai

Are you looking to elevate the interior of the living room without spending much? Do you want something that can make your room look spacious? Well, as the best custom carpet supplier in Dubai, we provide you with oval or round rugs and carpets at very minimal prices.

Explore our wide collection of circle carpets in stunning design patterns i.e. floral, traditional, abstract, and geometric. You can also select material of your own choice whether you want sisal, nylon, shaggy, polyester, or wool, we will customize it as per your needs.


Get Round Carpets For Indoors & Outdoors Spaces

We have a wide range of round carpets in Dubai for both indoor and outdoor settings. Choose your carpet:

Persian Round Carpet

Persian Round Carpets

Our handmade Persian round carpets donning Persian motifs and floral patterns; add elegance to your indoor spaces.

sisal round carpet

Sisal Round Carpets

Sisal’s natural fibers make our round-shaped carpets eco-friendly and bring a natural organic touch to the floors.

shag round carpet

Shag Round Carpet

Perfect for your living rooms and bedrooms – the thick pile construction of these carpets make them cozy.

outdoor round carpet

Outdoor Round Carpets

Made from synthetic fibers, we have the perfect outdoor round carpets with all-weather resistance – perfect for spaces like patios and balconies.


Select Material and Fabric From Our Samples

Theatre 10

sisal herringbone carpet

sisal herringbone carpet

Tigra 9070

Mini Boucle 8011

Moles Paw 150302

Silver 150300

Limited Time Offer Save Up To 20% On Round Carpets

You can call our 24/7 available phone number to get information on our round carpets and rugs in Dubai. Once you order online, you get up to 20% discount.


What Features Our Round Carpets Comes With?

Our round carpets are a cost-effective solution for any interior or exterior decor. Some benefits you experience with our carpets are:



Quality fabric and the latest weaving techniques ensure the durability of these round carpets.


Soft Underfoot

Cushioned backing and a plush pile make our carpets soft underfoot.


Non Slip

To prevent accidents outdoor round carpets, have non-slip backing.


Color Fade Protected

For color-fade protection, our outdoor carpets are treated with a UV-resistant coat.


We Customize Round Carpets and Rugs For Every Space

Our round carpets are made to increase the aesthetic appeal of any space where they are placed. You can place them in:

Living rooms





Poolside Areas

living room round carpet


Get Your Custom Round Carpet With Border

Don’t quite like the style that we offer for round carpets and rugs in Dubai? Well, no worries, you can just order for a custom carpet or a rug. Just tell us your preferences such as thickness, size, color, design, border edges, and material. Book your custom order and it arrives within 2 days.


Our Booking Process For Circle Carpets

A simple hassle-free process from the first call to delivery at your doorsteps; it takes just 3 simple steps.

Call & Ask

Make a call to our sales team and ask them anything about round rugs in Dubai. You can ask for free carpet samples.

Select and Book

Once you have decided upon a nice round rug or carpet, just book your order and make sure to ask for a discount.


For pre-made round carpets in Dubai, your order arrives on the same day. For a custom one, it takes 2-3 days.

Why Choose Us

Why Should You Choose Us For Round Carpets?

For 10+ years, we have been one of the best carpet and rugs supplier. With all this time, what we have is a massive collection of carpet designs.

Free Services

We provide free consultation, free floor measurements, and even free samples for round carpets and rugs in Dubai

Low Prices

Despite selling impressive quality round carpets, our prices are unbelievably low in Dubai.


From an online order of a rug or carpet to its delivery anywhere in Dubai, it takes just a day.

custom shape rug


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have superior quality round carpets in Dubai that can be laid down on any type of flooring like tile, laminate, and hardwood. They add elegance to your living spaces.

Yes, for our outdoor round carpets, generally used for entryways or in hotel sitting areas or near poolside areas, these carpets are made from durable materials. These materials can be both a blend of natural fibers and synthetic fibers, lasting long against high-foot traffic.

In order to allow your carpets to last long, you need to clean them on a regular basis. Simple vacuuming and an occasional carpet cleaning professional service help maintain the colors and textures of your round carpets and rugs.

An ideal place where a round carpet should be placed within a room is around 18 Inches. For a better idea, you can call us to get our free consultation along with free floor measurements.

Yes, our round carpets and rugs are perfectly safe to walk upon. We equip each of our products with an anti-slip backing which prevents its shifting when a person walks on it. This ensures optimal safety in case of surfaces like tile flooring or hardwood floors.

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