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Look no further as we bring to you luxurious and trendy sheer curtains for every interior decor in different color options i.e. white, grey and cream, and, fabric i.e. linen sheer, voile and, silk sheer.

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Make Your Interiors Look Modern & Trendy With Sheer Curtains in Dubai

Do you want to experience the soft sunlight in your home or workspace? Having such a pleasant environment is something that no one can deny. We have a collection of sheer curtains in Dubai, unlike any other curtain company in Dubai. You get to choose from a catalog of different styles that match with every residential or commercial decor.

If you are looking for modern interiors with proper ventilation, we recommend our cotton blends of lightweight curtains. Their transparent weaves not only let the filtered light in by blocking the UV rays but also give a modernized decor look. Call now to select from a range of color and design options.


Diverse Sheer Curtains Types for Every Customer

Sheer curtains are generally lightweight and can be used as lining for other curtains. We have different types available for you to choose from.

Ideal Sheer Curtains

Voile Sheer Curtains

  • From cotton & polyester blend
  • Perfect light filtration
  • Adds privacy element
  • The airy and delicate build
Sheer Curtains for sliding door

Linen Sheer Curtains

  • Made from natural linen
  • Adds a rustic charm
  • Relaxed interiors with light control
  • Organic interior decor option
chiffon sheer curtains

Chiffon Sheer Curtains

  • Contemporary design-build
  • Made from silk & cotton blend
  • Luminous Feel for interiors
  • Airy feel for hot humid areas


Select Fabric and Color Options For Custom Made Sheer Curtains

8538-Serial No 2

4660-Serial No 1

7726-Serial No 4

1279-Serial No 5

3873-Serial No 3

6487-Serial No 6

Silky Sheer 01

Silky Sheer 02

Silky Sheer 03

Silky Sheer 04

Silky Sheer 05

Silky Sheer 06

Linen Sheer 01

Linen Sheer 02

Linen Sheer 03

Linen Sheer 04

Linen Sheer 05

Linen Sheer 08

Get Free Consultation & Free Window Measurements

Have questions about sheer curtains in Dubai, we will answer them all with a free consultation. Also, get our free window measurements for better quotations.


Our Sheer Curtains Have Amazing Functional Features

Other than just being really affordable and aesthetically pleasing, our sheer curtains actually come with many amazing benefits.


Light Filtering

With their semi-transparent build, they prevent excess sunlight from entering inside rooms.


Day Time Privacy

Our sheer curtains in Dubai offer a certain degree of privacy during day time.


Temperature Control

They block the heat of sunlight but let the air pass through making interiors cooler.


Improved Aesthetics

Variety in colors, designs, patterns, and textures allows our curtains to improve aesthetics.


We Offer Sheer Curtains That Complement With Any Space

From residential to commercial settings, we have lightweight curtains in Dubai for every space and multiple color options i.e. white, blue, pink, cream, grey and light brown. They can be placed in these common places.

Living Room


Dining Room

Children’s room

Home Office

Outdoor spaces

Sitting Area Sheer Curtains
Sitting Area Sheer Curtains
Sitting Area Sheer Curtains
Living Room Sheer Curtains
Living Room Sheer Curtains
Living Room Sheer Curtains
Dining Area Sheer Curtains
Dining Area Sheer Curtains
Dining Area Sheer Curtains
Bedroom Sheer Curtains


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Hire Us For Right Sheer Curtain Installation in Dubai

As a premier store for sheer curtains in Dubai, we offer our installation services for fighting or translucent curtains with all header styles such as eyelet, pinch pleat, wave fold, and motorized. With our skilled curtain fitters, our work is a testament to the quality they add to your interior fittings. Hire us to get a cost-effective sheer curtain fitting in Dubai – freeing you from years of needing us back.


Get Affordable Sheer Curtains in 3 Easy Steps

We have a 3-step motorized curtains product order and installation booking process. We believe in transparent operations and thus have no hidden charges.

Call & Confirm

Dial our number to connect with our sales team. Tell them all about your curtain needs as they help you in choosing the right type.

Book Your Order

Once you get free samples and have chosen one you like, just tell our sales staff and they will book an installation date.

Curtain Fitters Arrive

The third and final step is where our team of fitters arrive at your property and hang your chosen transparent curtains in Dubai.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

As a leading home renovation company in Dubai, we supply and install sheer curtains at affordable prices and best customer service.

Complimentary Services

We offer free consultation, free sample deliveries, and free window measurements to every customer.

Low Prices

When we say nobody then we mean nobody can beat our market competitive rates of transparent curtains.

Customized Solutions

We offer custom sheer curtains in Dubai with options to choose from diverse colors, textures, and fabrics.

custom made sheer curtains

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our sheer curtains are made with lightweight airy fabric materials like linen, cotton and polyester. They offer perfect light filtration and the UV-blocking feature keeps the room cooler even in Dubai’s intense heat.

Yes, it is quite easy to maintain our sheer curtains in Dubai. You only need to either shake the dust off of them or vacuum them. Our curtains are mostly machine-washable and thus you can clean them better.

Sheer curtains can offer a certain degree of privacy by diffusing the light from outside coming inside during the daytime. For better privacy, you can line these alongside some heavier blackout curtains for privacy in the night.

Yes, our light-filtering curtains are in fact a great choice to be hung on large sliding doors, windows, and French doors. With their airy build, they actually create a spacious ambience while keeping the intense sunlight out.

You can protect your sheer curtains from wrinkling under intense sunlight by choosing fade-resistant fabrics or ones that are treated for UV protection. Rotate your curtains on a regular basis to protect them from yellowing.

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