Get High Quality LVT Flooring Dubai From Floor Land LLC

We stock the high quality LVT flooring that offers functionality and aesthetics to your residential or commercial spaces in Dubai. Explore our LVT collection or consult with our salesperson for best results.

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Our LVT Flooring Products are Highly Durable & Stylish

You must be tired of looking at ordinary floors that lack elegance. Do you need a flooring solution that blends durability and style? Our new collection of LVT flooring Dubai is the answer to your flooring needs. Choose from an branded collection of the latest LVT styles, such as Versailles, Chantilly, ISOCORE, and more.

Our LVT floors not only provide aesthetic appeal but are incredibly resilient and durable. They are perfect for busy households with high foot traffic. Their wear-and-tear layer resists scratches and stains, making them ideal for both commercial and residential use.

Our Best Selling Floorings

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Explore Our Exclusive Collection Of LVT Flooring Dubai

Our European standard LVT flooring products offer high resistance impact, UV coating and fire retardant qualities. Explore and send enquiry for your desired luxury vinyl tiles sample.

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Our design consultation services are available 24/7. Just give us a call, and we’ll send an expert over with flooring samples to offer free LVT floor design advice.

Our Successful Flooring Projects in All Over Dubai

At Floorland LLC, we have a comprehensive collection of LVT floors for your home and commercial needs. Our highly durable LVT flooring in Dubai has varying installation methods for ease of installation and superior visual appeal.

Glue Down LVT Flooring

Our glue down LVT floor is perfect for any high-foot-traffic living space as it offers a stable fit to the subfloors. You can have it fitted as the LVT Gym flooring, where it will stay in place securely to offer longevity & durability.

Click Method LVT Floors

With our click method LVT Flooring Dubai, you can experience a seamless floor surface. The special click lock system of our LVT floors allows for a smooth finished look, making it a mess-free flooring solution—ideal as LVT kitchen flooring.

Loose Lay LVT Planks

Our Loose Lay LVT planks feature a simple fitting method where there is no need for toxic adhesives. These planks are heavy and highly durable, staying in one place securely with their special backing. They are easy to install and replace when needed.

Rigid Core Click LVT Flooring

If you want a stable floor surface with high resilience, then our rigid core click LVT flooring Dubai is for you. Its superior vinyl core is resistant to scratches and dents. Additionally, it is ideal for busy households and high-foot-traffic commercial areas.

Our LVT Flooring Dubai is a unique addition to any home interior decor, but its installation requires a professional touch. We do effortless and professional LVT floor installations in Dubai at affordable rates. We have the best floor fitters at Floor Land with 10+ years of handling all floor types. Our careful handling of your LVT flooring will transform the outlook of your place.

We accurately measure the floor and precisely cut vinyl floor tiles to ensure minimal wastage of your flooring. Our installers ensure the installation does not cause much disruption to your daily routine. The use of quality materials and innovative fitting techniques will leave the floor with a flawless finish that lasts for years.

As the top-rated flooring supplier in Dubai, we are committed to providing customers with quality flooring solutions. Each vinyl tile we sell provides functional and aesthetic benefits.

High Durability

Our store’s LVT flooring planks and tiles all come with immense durability. The wear & tear layer of these floors is 0.5 mm with an overall thickness of 5 mm to 8mm. Our LVT floors have an impressive lifespan of 20+ years for domestic use & 10+ years for commercial use.

Sound Insulation

The notable feature of our LVT Flooring in Dubai is that it provides quieter interiors by absorbing the noise from walking and moving around. The sound insulation capacity for our LVT floors is up to 5 dB. Now you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of our LVT floors with serene & quiet indoors.

Stable Walking Surface

These LVT floors are made to offer dimensional stability. It is improved further with a PU coating to assist in easy maintenance. The slip resistance rating of our floors is R10. Ultimately, they prevent the chances of slips and falls by up to 30%.

Recyclable Flooring Solution

All the LVT flooring at our store is made from premium-quality 100% PVC material. We manufacture these LVT floors according to EU standards. Most of our planks and tiles do not require glue-based installation, making them non-toxic and completely recyclable.

We have a selection of LVT flooring in Dubai in various finishes, but we also offer our customers the option of custom finishes. Choose from different finishes to create a personal aesthetic style.

  • Embossed
  • Stone-like
  • Matte Finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • Wood Mimic
  • Rustic Finish

With us, you do not have to worry about ordering hassles, delivery problems, or installation delays. We do it fast and reliably.

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We have an online booking system and on-call booking. You can also visit our store in Al Quoz, Dubai, to discuss your LVT flooring needs.

Select & Book

We have expert staff ready to offer their professional knowledge during design discussions. Choose an LVT design you like and book your order.

Delivery & Installation

Our team will arrive on time with your LVT flooring in Dubai and install it on the same day, depending on your availability.

We have been supplying quality LVT flooring solutions in the UAE for 15+ years. Our floors are made with the best quality materials to ensure years of long-lasting aesthetics and functional needs. The high-quality vinyl we use for these floors is sourced from eco-friendly practices.


Our LVT flooring in Dubai is in high demand because of its affordable price and luxury look.


Our brand is the mark of quality. We design our vinyl tile flooring under strict observation.

100% Rating

Due to quality assurance for LVT Flooring, our customer satisfaction rating is 100%,

What makes your LVT flooring so unique?

Our premium-grade LVT flooring in Dubai has multiple layers. The first is the durable wear layer with a protective coating to resist stains, spills, and scratches. Then, there is a printed layer for a design or pattern of your choice, and finally, a PVC backing layer. We use quality PVC to ensure flexibility and stability when walking.

How does your LVT flooring handle the high humidity in Dubai?

Our LVT flooring is made with consideration for Dubai’s high humidity levels. The outermost wear layer is coated with moisture-resistant materials, which prevents these floors from common structural issues like warping or tearing. Our expert fitting service ensures that all seams are covered to avoid moisture penetration.

Can you install LVT flooring over existing tiles?

As a top-notch floor installation service provider, we can install new LVT & LVP flooring over existing tiles. Our expert first ensures the subfloor is clean, dry, and leveled. In case of uneven surfaces, our floor fitters will first prepare the subfloor and add suitable backing layers to prevent future damage to the floors.

What is the average lifespan of your LVT floors?

We only sell quality LVT flooring in Dubai with a guaranteed lifespan of 20+ years. This lifespan depends upon regular maintenance and daily wear and tear. To maintain the pristine look of this stylish flooring, do regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris and address any moisture spills promptly.

Are Your LVT Flooring Easy To Clean?

Cleaning our LVT floors is far easier than cleaning other flooring. For daily cleaning, simply use a vacuum cleaner or a brush with soft bristles to remove dirt and dust. For deeper cleaning, use a mop and a non-abrasive floor cleaner. Refrain from harsh chemicals, as they will damage the wear layer of your LVT floors.

Can I Install Your LVT Flooring Outdoors?

Yes, you can have these LVT floors fitted outdoors, but you will have to tell us beforehand. For outdoor LVT floors, you will have to order a custom-made product. Outdoor LVT floors will be treated with additional protective layers to resist color fading and moisture damage.

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M Yasir toor
M Yasir toor
I recently had custom curtains and blinds installed by Floor Land LLC, and I’m beyond impressed. The quality and craftsmanship are top-notch, and the installation was seamless. The team was professional and ensured everything was perfect. Highly recommended for anyone in Dubai looking for premium window treatments!
Fiaz Malik
Fiaz Malik
I had my old sofa reupholstered by Floor Land, and the results are fantastic! Umar Malik and his team were professional and friendly, completing the project on time with meticulous attention to detail. The quality of the upholstery is outstanding, giving my sofa a new lease on life. Highly recommend for any upholstery needs!
Hayam Omar
Hayam Omar
Would like to thank Floorland for their professional work
Aya AbouZaid
Aya AbouZaid
I installed wall panels with them and honestly the service was exceptional. They were super easy to deal with, sent someone over to my house with a lot of samples to choose from (lots and lots of different wood patterns and colors which i haven’t found anywhere else) and then installed them two days later. I highly recommend.
Lariba General Trading DMCC
Lariba General Trading DMCC
We recently had wallpapers installed at our office, and the results are fantastic! The team was professional and efficient, and the quality of their work is top-notch. Special thanks to Ashraf for his exceptional service and attention to detail. Highly recommend this company for any wallpaper needs!
Floor Land's laminate flooring is fantastic! It has a beautiful finish and feels very sturdy. The team was very professional and got the job done quickly. Great value for the price. Will buy again!
good epiM Rameez 121212 M Rameez121212
good epiM Rameez 121212 M Rameez121212
Got a new carpet from Floor Land and it's great. Soft, plush, and the perfect color for my living room. The whole process was smooth, and the team was very friendly. Highly recommend
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar
I love the wallpaper from Floor Land. The designs are so modern and chic, perfect for my home office. Easy to apply and looks stunning. Really transformed the space
Isteyak Ali
Isteyak Ali
Floor Land's SPC flooring is excellent. It's stylish, durable, and easy to maintain. The salesperson, Umar, was very knowledgeable, and the installation team did a great job on time. My home looks amazing!