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Floor Land offers the highest quality EPDM flooring in Dubai at the most affordable prices. This is the perfect floor choice for every setting and usage intensity.

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We Offer The Most Budget Friendly EPDM Floors In Dubai

Our company aims to offer the best prices for modern flooring treatments. Therefore, we’ve got you our excellent quality EPDM rubber flooring in extensive versions and the most budget-friendly ranges. You can trust us for every residential and commercial upgrade requirement. Here are some features that make our EPDM flooring budget friendly for our customers.

Cost-Effective Material

Low Maintenance

Durable and Resilient

Energy Efficient

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Our Recently Installed EPDM Floors in Dubai

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Floor Land Is The Ultimate Flooring Expert

Get the best EPDM flooring in Dubai from our store. Our treatments give rise to the most functional and presentable spaces. Here are some aspects of our flooring services in the UAE.

Premium Quality

Our EPDM rubber floors come with the highest build quality and are extremely heavy-duty for all uses.


Buying our premium EPDM flooring is the cost-effective way to make your places the most comfortable and affordable.


We provide the most comprehensive flooring services for every requirement, fulfilling our client’s expectations.


Our EPDM luxury flooring is made for all residential and commercial places. It is incredibly safe to use and easy to maintain.

Beneficial Points

Advantages of Getting Our EPDM Flooring

Our EPDM granules flooring is the most heavy-duty floor treatment option, and it’s primarily meant for commercial-grade uses. Therefore, it’s obvious that using this flooring for residential spaces will be a great decision. We would like to mention more appealing benefits of this flooring. Look at all the major advantages of our EPDM Floors in the UAE.

Non-Slip Surface

Excellent Impact Absorption

UV Resistant

Versatile Design Options

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Our Recently Installed EPDM Floors in Dubai

Versatile Usage

Where Can You Install Our EPDM Floors in Dubai?

At Floor Land, you will find a variety of designs in the EPDM flooring collection. It is considered one of the most stylish floor treatments. We allow our clients to order the custom designs of these floors according to their preferences. You can ask for a pattern that will look great with your space planning. Our company offers special discounts on EPDM floors for schools and playgrounds. You can get educational and joyful patterns for kids.


Sports Facilities

Automotive Showrooms

Event Spaces

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Have Us As Your Proficient EPDM Flooring Installers

We provide complete services of EPDM flooring in Dubai for residential and commercial clients. Our installation prices are very affordable compared to other service providers. You can avail of our experts’ services for seamless EPDM floor installation in Dubai. They comply with international quality standards to ensure durability and functionality. Our expert services will be scheduled at your convenient time. Call us now to book a free appointment.

Featured EPDM Floors

Versatile EPDM Flooring Collection

These are our trending EPDM flooring types for versatile uses.

EPDM Granules Flooring

EPDM Granules Flooring

Anti-static EPDM Flooring

Anti-static EPDM Flooring Dubai

EPDM Tiles Flooring

EPDM Tiles Flooring

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Outdoor EPDM Flooring UAE

Customer-Oriented Company

Our Free Services for Complete Satisfaction

Being the top-rated flooring dealer in the UAE, we have an exclusive range of hard-wearing EPDM rubber flooring and the most skilled installation services. We help you fully with every flooring project you’re planning on. All of our services are available to our customers without any charges. We offer these free services to let our customers know our concern for their floors. These services are meant to make your flooring purchase worthy for you.

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Why Choose Us?

Skilled Craftsmen

We have the most expert workers for EPDM flooring installation, and they ensure seamless and flawless fitting.

Trendsetting Designs

Our EPDM rubber flooring in Dubai is the most attractive, with unique designs and rich colors.

Fast Delivery

We ensure providing our flooring services and products safely. Try our fast services by ordering flooring now.

24/7 Availability

You can contact us anytime and shop for the finest EPDM flooring solutions for all kinds of places.

Floor Land is a well-known brand offering the best residential and commercial flooring services. As the leading supplier, we strive to provide the most excellent EPDM rubber floor services. To make long-term investments, choose us to install premium quality EPDM flooring.

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Feedback From Our Clients


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

You might be purchasing our EPDM flooring in Dubai for the first time. We have added a section of frequently asked questions and their answers to satisfy you before purchasing. You can contact us if you have any other concerns to discuss or want to learn about the features of our flooring products.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM, is a synthetic rubber flooring product designed for sports areas and similar intense usage spaces. You can use them in classrooms for educational purposes and in outdoor commercial places for durability concerns. This flooring comes with different thickness levels and is a completely non-toxic option.

Our EPDM flooring in Dubai can be cleaned with the help of all-purpose cleaners, and you can use a spray bottle to make the job easier for you. In case of any staining, use a brush with medium bristles to gently scrub the floor surface with the cleaner. You can give multiple cleaning attempts, in the same way, depending on the toughness of the stains.

Our EPDM floors in Dubai come with different thickness levels, and you can select them according to your place’s requirements. The standard thickness levels of these floors are 36 mm, 25 mm, and 15 mm. In addition to that, you can also have all types of EPDM flooring customizations from us.

EPDM rubber flooring is incredibly tough against heat damage and resistant to other factors like moisture, UV damage, and steam. Besides, it will not let the colors fade due to heat or UV radiation. They are made to place in outdoor places.