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We have the widest collection of modern motorized curtains in Dubai for your smart homes. Elegance and technology comfort side by side.

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Buy Our Electric Curtains in Dubai For a Futuristic Feel

Do you want to get the trendy window treatment for your apartment or office? Electric curtains with motorized track systems are certainly one of the smart window solutions for a Dubai house in terms of comfort. We have a wide selection of automatic curtains with the best somfy motors fitted inside for efficient working.

We have a variety when it comes to types of smart curtains including motorized, automated, and smart home integrated ones. Our electric curtains with their ease of use are there to make your life easy. Get a futuristic feel and a modern look to make an impression on your guests.


We Provide Motorized Curtains With Different Control Options

We have electric curtains in Dubai with multiple operation options; each one designed to serve you with the best accessibility ease.

Motorized Linen Curtains

Wall-Switch Electric Curtains

  • Fixed switch for easy curtain control
  • Accessible mounting height for switch
  • Thermal regulation with light control
  • Automation Integration within the switch
Smart Curtain

Smart Curtains

  • Use a smartphone as a remote control
  • Automation option within the app
  • Adjustable curtain operation speeds
  • Integration with Smart home systems
motorized window curtains

Remote Control Curtains

  • Wireless control for curtain movement
  • One remote for multiple electric curtains
  • No wiring is required – Powered by Batteries
  • Wide distance range


Select Fabric Samples For Automatic Curtains













5029-serial 24-min

6589-serial 23-min

6704-serial 11-min

2769-serial 15-min

3861-serial 2-min

4681-serial 14-min

1261-serial 7-min

2151-serial 5-min

8160-serial 28-min

8212-serial 29-min

8566-serial 16-min

4890-serial 1-min

3975-Serial No 25

6044-Serial No 3

7729-Serial No 7

8701-Serial No 19

9430-Serial No 5

3496-Serial No 1

Our Automatic Curtains Motor Comes With 5 Years of Warranty

Call our helpful sales team as they guide you to buy the right somfy curtains in Dubai that come with the latest motors and 5 year warranty.


Features You Get To Enjoy With Our Motorized Curtains

Each electric curtain product we sell comes with a somfy curtain motor for better operations. Enjoy the most functional electric windows from us.


Noiseless Functioning

With the latest curtain motors, our smart curtains in Dubai offer soundless operations.


Energy Efficiency

Window coverings open and close as per temperature changes to reduce energy cost.


Auto-stop Safety

Our curtains have auto-stop safety mechanisms to prevent accidents for kids & pets.


Added value

Not to forget that having Electric curtains in your home will add to its resale and comfort value.


What Fabric Options You Can Choose For Motorized Curtains?

We have custom fabric options for motorized curtains. They are made to ensure functionality and style – a perfect blend for interior decor.







Motorized Silk Curtains
Motorized Silk Curtains
Motorized Silk Curtains
Motorized Blackout Curtain
Motorized Blackout Curtain
Motorized Blackout Curtain
Motorized Sheer Curtains
Motorized Sheer Curtains
Motorized Sheer Curtains
Motorized Linen Curtains
Motorized Linen Curtains
Motorized Linen Curtains


Interiors with Our Electric Curtains


Get Professional Motorized Curtain Installation From Us in Dubai

We have built a name for our services of electric curtain installation with quality service and well-trained curtain fixers. Our workers have the expertise in installing all different types of motorized curtains in Dubai for smooth functioning. Our curtain fitting services are available at low prices.


You are Just Three Steps Away From Best Motorized Curtains Supplier in Dubai

We have a 3-step motorized curtains product order and installation booking process. We believe in transparent operations and thus have no hidden charges.

Call & Confirm

Call us to get in touch and inquire about our collection of double curtain tracks and motorized window curtains.

Book Your Order

Once you select a specific curtain mechanism and fabric material, just book your delivery & installation date.

Team Arrives

On the scheduled date, the team arrives and starts with your automatic curtains and do a precise fitting within a day.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us For Electric Curtains In Dubai?

We are a curtain company in Dubai that is building a loyal customer base with our 100% customer-centric approach.

Durable Products

Somfy curtain motors are installed with a 10+ years warranty for durability for our smart curtains.

Choice Selection

Choose from different operating mechanisms to varying designs, fabric materials, and colors

24/7 Customer Support

We ensure availability to all our clients if you want to know anything about our electric curtains in Dubai.


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Luxury Electric Curtains


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can help motorize any existing type of curtains. You just need to tell our team about your curtains existing functioning and the operating motorized function you require. Our skilled curtain fitters will guide to help make the selection easier.

To use these electric curtains is really simple but we still provide our clients with a manual for usage. In addition to this, our clients will demonstrate the functioning of the curtains on-site. We also have post-installation guidance, allowing us to help you with your queries.

We use various types of power options for the working of motorized curtains as per customers’ needs. There is a direct electrical connection for a permanent installation. Battery-powered electric curtains offer flexibility in moving them. The most sustainable involves Solar panel powering with panels installed near the window and low electricity costs.

There is no intricate maintenance needed for electric curtains in Dubai. You can use simple cleaning of the tracks and the motor area with occasional lubrication of its moving parts. In case there is an issue in the mechanism, you need to call a professional.

Yes, some electric curtains can be controlled even when away. Our Smart Home electric curtains are a prime example of this. We provide you with a smartphone app to control the functioning of your curtains remotely via an internet connection.

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