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In Dubai, where there are almost 1.5 million pet owners, inadequate pet care leads to flooring damage. Problems like floor scratches from pet play, dropped balls, and weakened locking due to pet activity pose significant challenges, resulting in considerable financial flooring losses for pet owners.

High quality Laminate flooring in Dubai by floorland offers a strong locking mechanism and impact resistance offer an excellent solution. Our laminate flooring can withstand impacts from small balls (35mm) to large balls (750mm), effectively preventing any damage. Additionally, our flooring’s locking strength (F1 0.2 > 1, Fs0.2 > 2) ensures stability even under heavy loads.

If you’re near Al Ameed Plaza, Al Quoz 4, Dubai, or other local areas in Dubai such as JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Deira, Al Barsha, and Silicon Oasis, our Laminate flooring services are readily accessible to you.  


Buy Our Popular Laminate Flooring Types in Dubai

We have the best laminate flooring solutions including grey laminate flooring, laminate flooring underlay, white laminate flooring, black laminate flooring & walnut laminate flooring for every floor type. Bring out the best of the decor elements.

HDF Laminate Flooring

HDF Laminate

This laminate floor covering is made with highly dense fibreboards of compressed wood to offer a durable solution for places like living rooms.

High Gloss Laminate Flooring

High Gloss Laminate

This quality laminate floor solution comes with its glossy finish that gives your floors a modern look with a shiny surface, best for commercial spaces.

Water Resistant Laminate

Water Resistant Laminate

Our laminate floors are covered with a water resistant layer to prevent moisture damage and mold growth for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

Embossed Laminate Flooring

Embossed Laminate

Buy our embossed laminate floors featuring a textured pattern surface – adding depth to your interior decor with a feel of natural materials like stone and wood.


Select the Best Design From Our Laminate Flooring Collection

Exquisite 1 is our premium quality laminate flooring collection with varying designs, material options, and colors. With a surface stain resistance of Grade 5, our laminate floorings offer the best interior decor element. Choose your laminate flooring from our Exquisite 1 collection for the added benefit of thermal conductivity with sheet thickness of 8 mm.

Rosemont Oak – D 3665 AF

Tuscany Walnut – D 3070 ER

Natural Pine – D 2774 MX

Pettersson Oak Beige – D 4763 ER

Hella Oak – D 4754 UL

Prestige Oak Nature – D 4166 ER

Exquisite 2 is our top seller category for laminate flooring for both commercial and residential use. These laminate flooring sheets come in a thickness of 8 mm with a Grade 5 stain resistance. Choose from our Exquisite 2 Laminate flooring collection – a wide selection of colors, textures, styles, and designs.

Brave – D 4782 UL

Used Metal – D 4801 ML

Prestige Oak Dark – D 4168 ER

Sierra Oak Titan – D4688 ML

Nostalgie Teak – D 4170 ER

Nostalgie Teak Graphit – D 4171 ER

Dynamic 1 is our no. 1 top seller laminate flooring seller with its quality stain resistance and fire resistance properties. These laminate flooring with their diverse styles, colors and materials, are made to have formaldehyde emission of <0.05 ppm. Buy a Dynamic 1 laminate flooring product with a guaranteed flooring thickness of 8 mm.

Cloud Oak – D3066

Hacienda Oak Beige – D2957

Beech Royal – D1407

Borneo Teak – D2986

Bourbon Oak – D2929

Achat Oak – D2304

Dynamic 2 is our leading laminate flooring range with a variety of colors and themes. Choose the ideal one for residential and commercial needs – offering an anti-slip surface with a shiny appearance. Thicknesses of 8 mm for these flooring sheets offer thermal regulation to keep down energy costs. Choose a design of our Dynamic 2 collection fitting your interior decor.

Lorine Light – D4991

Nevada Pine – D4127

Walnut Historia – D4773

Elbe Oak – D3901

Barrow Oak – D4781

Walnut Palazzo – D4757

Buy Our Laminate Floor Tiles in Dubai at Discounted Rates

Avail our discount of up to 20% off on our flooring in Laminate in Dubai. Call us anytime to book a free consultation session.


Laminate Flooring Available at Floor Land is Features Packed

As a leading flooring company in Dubai, we’ve been offering budget-friendly flooring Dubai in a variety of types. Our Laminate floors are built to give your interiors a modern look with functional elements. Check the features that make it ideal to use laminate flooring in Dubai.


Health Safety

The formaldehyde emission from our laminate flooring is almost < 0.05 ppm, ensuring health safety and preventing noise & ear infection.



Our 8mm thick laminate flooring provides water resistance with an AC5 rating, while an internal bond strength exceeding 1.2 enhances its durability significantly.


Resistance to Fire

Our laminate flooring boasts fire-resistant features, igniting with difficulty (Cfl-s1) and Grade 4 resistance to cigarette embers.


Scratch Resistance

Our laminate floor offers level 3 resistance to scratching according to EN 438-2 standards.


Our Effective Laminate Flooring For Every Space

Our sales team helps you choose the right laminate flooring for your floor needs. Our diverse laminate wood flooring in Dubai increases your property value by 10 folds.



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Living Room Laminate
Living Room Laminate
Living Room Laminate
Bedroom Laminate Flooring
Bedroom Laminate Flooring
Bedroom Laminate Flooring
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Office Laminate Flooring
Office Laminate Flooring
Kitchen Laminate Flooring
Kitchen Laminate Flooring
Kitchen Laminate Flooring


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Get Professional Laminate Flooring Installation From Us

We provide laminate flooring installation in Dubai at a very reasonable price. Our team is fully equipped with the necessary experience to offer hassle-free installation services. For the perfect installation of laminate floors in Dubai, our team visits your place first and takes free measurements.


Three Steps Process To Avail Laminate Flooring in Dubai

We are experts in providing laminate flooring services in Dubai. You get a professional service from the first call to when the job is done.

Select Designs

Contact our sales team to get your free laminate floor design samples at your doorstep. We offer free consultation and quotes.

Safest Delivery

Book your order and get a free home delivery within 1 day. We ensure care in getting each laminate tile to you safely.

Professional Installation

Get a team of expert laminate floor installers on a scheduled date. Your floors will be done by the end of the day.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us For Laminate Flooring In Dubai?

Floor Land is the top-rated laminate flooring company in Al Quoz, Dubai, providing their exclusive services all over the UAE.

Pre-Order Samples

You can call us to get free samples at your doorstep before making any purchase.

24/7 Customer Service 

We provide our customers with a 24/7 service for all laminate flooring needs.

Proven Track Record

With a customer satisfaction rate of 100%, we are best to buy laminate flooring in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best underlay for laminate flooring is cork and foam paddings. The reason is they provide more underfoot comfort, reduce noise and prevent damage. Moreover, these underlays will extend the life of laminate floors. Additionally, they act as moisture barriers.  

Yes, mopping is the best way to clean these floors. The best way to mop it is to use floor cleaners. If you don’t have a floor cleaner, add one tablespoon of baby shampoo to the water gallon. 

Our premium quality laminate flooring in Dubai is a long-lasting floor treatment. It can last a minimum of fifteen to twenty years. If you use them with great care, it may last for 20+ years. Avoid dragging heavy furniture over it to enjoy its aesthetic look for a long time. 

No, laminate flooring does not look cheap. This flooring will look exactly like hardwood flooring. Additionally, our laminate flooring is coated with different protective layers to make it more durable. 

Both of these effects are best at their own places. If you need more vibrant and compelling vibes in your place, you can select the laminate flooring in wood effect. Furthermore, if you want to install flooring in high-traffic areas, this flooring with stone effect is better for you.

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