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SPC flooring has emerged as one of the most trending flooring options in Dubai. Its water resistance and mimicking any floor type, whether it is wood, stone, or slate, has made the stone plastic composite flooring a versatile option. You can place your order from Floor Land LLC with supply and installation.

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Experience Long-Lasting Floors With SPC Flooring Dubai Solutions

Sand infiltration from the nearby Arabian Desert presents challenges to Dubai residents. Scratches occur on floors due to the infiltration of 35% of outdoor sand in residential buildings, diminishing their appearance and incurring maintenance costs of 400-1000 AED.

Our high-quality scratch-resistant SPC flooring, 6mm thick, withstands both scratches and heat, which is crucial for Dubai’s conditions. With ≤0.15% dimensional stability, it endures sand and high temperatures. SPC flooring by Floor Land LLC lasts for years and is backed by a 15-year domestic and 3-year commercial warranty.

If you’re in proximity to Al Ameed Plaza, Al Quoz 4, Dubai, or other local areas in Dubai like JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Deira, Al Barsha, and Silicon Oasis, our SPC flooring services are available for your convenience.


Choose From Our Diverse Types of SPC Flooring Dubai

We provide multiple options for SPC flooring; you can select the type that blends well with your home interior decor and fulfill your practical requirements, such as scratch-resistant, wood look, or water-resistant properties.

HDF Laminate Flooring

SPC Waterproof Flooring

These stone-plastic composite floors are made to have a waterproof core giving them their water resistance in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Wood-Look SPC

Install our wood-look SPC flooring; it is a budget-friendly alternative to wood flooring and can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas.

Water Resistant Laminate

SPC Click Flooring

A simple SPC flooring solution with an easy click-lock type SPC floor tile installation to offer versatility in commercial spaces.

Embossed Laminate Flooring

Tile Look SPC

Get a true blend of durability and interior beauty with tile-look SPC, mimicking ceramic tiles – Ideal for use in entryways to welcome your guests.


Latest Collection of SPC Flooring Featuring Different SPC Brands

Floor Land stocks SPC floors of renowned flooring brands in Dubai, such as Allure, TekSol, and Aspecta. You can consult with our salesman about which flooring brand will best suit your requirements. We have added Tiger SPC floor products to our collection; you may check it out.

SPC flooring by Tiger is the talk of the town for Dubai residents and homeowners because of its high scratch resistance and multiple thickness options.



















Fine Line Oak by Allure is a SPC flooring manufacturer that offers floor products for commercial areas. It comes with 5.2 mm thickness option with 10 years of commercial use warranty.







SPC flooring by Falcon Oak is 100% waterproof, scratch-resistant, and noise-reducing. It is available in a 6 mm (5 mm core,1mm underlay) thickness option with a 15-year domestic warranty and a 3-year commercial warranty.







Nordic Oak by Aspecta is a Netherland SPC flooring brand. Its products are available in both wood and tile look with 4 mm thickness option.







Get Free Consultation For SPC Flooring Selection

We offer free SPC flooring design consultation to our customers. Our team of professionals help you with your selection.


Our Impactful SPC Flooring Features

As one of the premier flooring companies in Dubai, we offer a variety of affordable flooring in Dubai. Buying SPC flooring in Dubai from us offers you not only affordable rates but various other features. You get:



Our SPC flooring boasts longevity with its fire resistance rating of Bfl-S1 and thermal resistance value almost 0.0375 m2 K/W, ensuring durability and safety.


Noise Reduction

With an impact sound insulation value of nearly 18 dB, Our SPC flooring ensures a quieter and more peaceful space.


Low Maintenance

Regular wet mop cleaning maintains a fresh appearance, yielding savings of 30% or more.



Our SPC flooring holds the R10 slip resistance rating, ensuring safety, and is 100% waterproof.


Our Diverse SPC Flooring Treatment in Dubai

We are prideful when we claim that we have a wide range of diverse types of SPC flooring in Dubai. All of them have one thing in common, Quality.

Rigid Core SPC

Loose Lay SPC

Glue-Down SPC

Click-Lock SPC

Foam-backed SPC

Embossed SPC

Click-Lock SPC
Click-Lock SPC
Click-Lock SPC
Loose Lay SPC
Loose Lay SPC
Loose Lay SPC
Glue Down SPC
Glue Down SPC
Glue Down SPC
Rigid Core SPC
Rigid Core SPC
Rigid Core SPC


Recent Completed SPC Flooring Projects in Dubai


Hire Our Experts For Hassle-free SPC Flooring Installation

We are a professional SPC flooring installer and supplier providing top-notch services throughout the UAE. Our experts provide correct and hassle-free SPC flooring installation in Dubai at very reasonable prices. Contact us today and transform your place with modern and stylish SPC floor treatment in Dubai.


Follow Our Three-Step Work Process To Buy SPC Flooring in Dubai

We have a simple working process for helping you get the right SPC flooring in Dubai. From start to finish, get professional treatment.

Free Samples

Call us and ask our sales team to send in free samples from our diverse catalog. We do free home visits in Dubai.

Get a Quote

After selecting a design, ask to get your affordable quote for an SPC floor treatment. We book the date you are comfortable with.

Professional Installation

On the scheduled date, a team of professional staff comes to your property and does the job meticulously.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Reliable SPC Flooring Dubai Supplier?

Our top-quality SPC flooring in Dubai comes in a wide variety, making it the most suitable option for every place. From rarely used places to busy commercial areas, our SPC floors are made to last and shine for years. You can enjoy their amazing functional features and charming appearance for many years. Moreover, our SPC flooring prices in UAE are very reasonable compared to their quality and durability. Contact us today to get fast and efficient services.


You can enjoy their amazing functional features and charming appearance for many years.


Our SPC flooring prices in Dubai are very reasonable compared to their quality and durability.

Eco Friendly

Our floors are designed without using toxic and dangerous chemicals making them safe.

Best Laminate Flooring


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Frequently Asked Questions

SPC flooring is more durable as compared to many other treatments. The reason is that it is designed using a rigid core layer, making it dense and resistant to dents and other damage. Even dragging furniture over it can form dents.

Our premium quality SPC flooring comprises an additional protection layer on the surface to save it from all the scratches. Ultimately, they are pet-friendly, so you can install them at your home without fear.

The timeline for every SPC flooring installation project varies because the area of every space is different. We will provide the estimated installation duration after taking your floor measurements. Our team will not take longer for the installation. They ensure you can walk on the SPC floor as soon as possible.

Our SPC floors are designed using premium quality material to increase their durability. So, there is no specific limitation to place heavy furniture over it. In case you want some additional protection layer, simply place pads under the furniture legs.

Yes, SPC flooring is perfect for bathrooms due to its water-proof properties. Furthermore, they do not allow mold growth and water damage.

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