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Get your comforting solution with top-quality blackout curtains Dubai – 100% light and privacy control. Buy these sun-blocking window coverings with customization options at low prices.

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Superior Quality Blackout Curtains in Dubai For Improved Comfort

Your house might have those large windows in your bedroom or your office might have that sun-facing view of Dubai. Well, at times, this can be great but you need the comfort sometimes. We as a custom-made curtains shop have the solution for it; our top-quality light-blocking curtains in Dubai.

Now no more sun glaring into your eyes after waking up. Our dense fabric curtains offer a 100% room-darkening effect and total window shading. We have blackout curtains for every size of the window to ensure effective light control and complete privacy. So, get ready to enjoy comfort with our blackout drapes.


We Customize Blackout Curtains for Any Kind of Windows or Doors

As a leading seller of blackout curtains in Dubai, we have a diverse range of window coverings for every room’s window and door needs.

living room blackout curtains

Unique Windows

Get a tailored-made blackout curtain with preferred fabric materials and size for any shape of windows whether its bay or sliding windows.

blackout curtains for sliding glass door

Sliding Glass Doors

For those expansive doorways in your commercial spaces like offices or hotels we have the best looking curtains to ensure privacy.

blackout curtains for french doors

French Doors

For the French doors, we have top quality curtains for beauty and functionality – covering the doors to avoid unwanted light.

Nursery Blackout Curtains

Children’s Room

Beautifully imprinted with animals, numbers and flowers, get our blackout window hangings for children’s rooms for a restful environment.


Our Blackout Fabric Samples For Your Curtains













5029-serial 24-min

6589-serial 23-min

6704-serial 11-min

2769-serial 15-min

3861-serial 2-min

4681-serial 14-min

1261-serial 7-min

2151-serial 5-min

8160-serial 28-min

8212-serial 29-min

8566-serial 16-min

4890-serial 1-min

3975-Serial No 25

6044-Serial No 3

7729-Serial No 7

8701-Serial No 19

9430-Serial No 5

3496-Serial No 1

We Are the Top Supplier of Blackout Curtains – Get Up To 20% Off

We offer our clients free consultations and market-competitive prices with up to 20% discounts on our collection of blackout curtains online in Dubai.


Add Functionality & Beauty With Our Blackout Curtains

There are many practical and functional features of our blackout window coverings other than just adding on to the home’s interior decor.


Energy Efficient

Thermal regulation of our sun-blocking curtains keeps the warm sunlight out and keeps the room cool.


Low Noise

The dense fiber fabrics of our blackout acoustic curtains allow them to absorb acoustic noises to keep spaces peaceful.


Light & Privacy Control

Get complete darkening of the room in Dubai to offer the optimal light and privacy elements for serenity.


UV Protection

Our curtains prevent UV rays from damaging your custom furniture and your costly appliances.


Get Customization for Your Blackout Curtains From Us

You can place orders for custom-made blackout curtains and choose color, size, and fabric such as velvet, linen, cotton or polyester of your own choice. Furthermore, you can opt for any header style i.e. pinch pleat, eyelet or motorized for your blackout curtains.

200+ design patterns

Different Textures

Custom Sizes

Varying thickness

Personalized Borders

Custom Logo or Brand Imprints


Our Gallery Of Blackout Drapes & Curtains 2024


Avail Our Blackout Curtain Installation Services in Dubai

Apart from selling blackout curtains online in Dubai, we are also a professional wall curtain fitting company. Book our expert curtain installers with the necessary experience and skills to hang your drapes. Feel free to decide anytime, our services are available 24/7. Get ready to enjoy the 100% light blocking with our perfect fitted blackout drapes.


Our 3-Step Process To Book Blackout Curtains Online

When you decide upon your blackout curtains in linen or any other type, just use our down below booking process.

Call & Inquire

Our 24/7 present staff helps you in the selection process with free curtain samples sent to your home with free price estimates.

Book Your Order

Once you have selected a product like a blackout curtain in velvet, you just can place your order online for 1-Day delivery.


Our team arrives with your Blackout curtains and fits them in professionally so that they serve the purpose of light control.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us To Buy Blackout Curtains in Dubai?

We are one of the best blackout curtain shops in Dubai. Our services, from diverse light-blocking curtains, range to fitting and installation services are exceptional.

Expert Team

We have a team of the best curtain fitters and installers in the UAE, adept at handling blackout fitting with precision.

Quality Materials

We sell only the best quality blackout window curtains with top-notch fabric materials to serve their intended purpose.

Proven Track Record

With 1500+ privacy curtains delivered and installed in houses, offices, and commercial spaces; we have a proven service record.

soft blackout curtains

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is actually no other curtain that is better suited for a bedroom as compared to Blackout curtains. They have the expressed feature of blocking out all outside light. In a bedroom, this means no more sun glares in the mornings and improved sleep.

Blackout curtains are known primarily for offering 100% blackening of a room against the incoming sunlight. They are known to keep the noises to somewhat minimal levels; they are not 100% soundproof.

Our blackout curtains are made with different layers of tightly knit fabrics. These multiple layers of densely woven fabrics are what prevent the light from passing through them. We also do a thermal coating on our curtains to let them keep the room’s temperature cooler.

Yes, while the black color is most ideal for this type of window covering solution, we offer customers to choose from varying color and texture choices.

The sunlight in Dubai is no doubt intense and causes the curtains to suffer from color fading. Not for our blackout curtains; as each curtain is treated with UV-protection coats to ensure that they maintain their color for a long time.

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