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Are you in need of a painting service that is reliable, professional, and affordable? If the answer is yes to all three; Floor Land LLC is the place you want to contact. We have an entire team of painters who provide reliable painting service in Dubai for every space. With the latest painting techniques for every wall type, our painters ensure a finish that adds to the overall room’s ambiance.

Be it a commercial or house painting in Dubai, our painters can handle any exterior or interior paint job with care and accuracy. Our brand name is known for professionalism, punctuality, and customer satisfaction.

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Our Featured Painting Services in Dubai

01. Villa Painting

Choose our villa painting services in Dubai for a detailed paint job that includes surface preparation and the use of high-quality paints for interiors and exteriors.

villa painting
Apartment Painting

02. Apartment Painting

Our apartment painting crew caters to entire buildings and single living units. We ensure a clean, fresh living space for you without causing major disruptions.

03. Interior Painting

For interior painting in Dubai, we have the best painters who will help transform our indoor areas with stunning colors & gorgeous finishes.

Interior Painting
exterior painting

04. Exterior Painting

Book us for an exterior painting service to protect your home from harsh weather elements. We use all-weather-resistant paints to allow your houses to remain pristine.

05. Residential Painting

Give your home a refreshed look with our residential paint ideas. We have the most creative painters on our team to make your home look more beautiful.

Residential Painting
Commercial Painting

06. Commercial Painting

Leave an impressive impression on your clients or customers with our modern commercial painting in Dubai. Call now to get a quote!

Custom Wall Painting
Service in Dubai

With our professional wall painters on the job utilizing advanced painting techniques with high-quality materials, your property walls get a perfect finished look. We help create personalized interior decor with custom wall paint designs.

Our Dubai Painters Help You Select the Best Color

We have the best consultants in-house with a keen knowledge of paint types & color schemes. Call us to have a friendly conversation to come up with a paint color that suits your interior decor.

Blue Bonnet


Spring Rain


Campfire Coffee

Tire Swing

Hot Cocca

Morning Dew

Kissy Face

Our Painters Follow the Latest Trends

We are the best painting contractor in Dubai because we keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest trends in designs, colors, & finished looks. Whether it is a classical style or a modern look, our painters will efficiently improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Professional Work By Our Painters in Dubai

People choose us for painting service in Dubai because of our painters’ professional expertise. Their attention to detail and friendly behaviour ensure a perfect paint job, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Dubai Painter Help You Choose The Best Quality Paint As Well

You might think that you just saw the paint color on an interior design magazine and that is it. Well, it’s much more technical than that. The right paint type needs to be of high quality and must meet your specific interior and exterior needs. We help you select the right color for painting in Dubai by keeping in mind factors like paint life, weather resistance, and color retention.

We send our expert painters to analyze your property’s walls to know the surface type and the exposure it receives. With all the right preparation & analysis made, we help you select premium-quality paint that will be visually pleasing and resistant to moisture, UV exposure, color fading, and much more.

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How Our Best Painting Service Work in Dubai?

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What Our Customer Saying

Why Choose Our Painting Service in Dubai

Floor Land LLC. has been a leading renovation company in Dubai for the past 15+ years. We have the best exterior and interior wall painters to meet your painting needs.

Experienced Painters

Every painter at our company has a minimum of 10+ years of experience in commercial and residential painting, bringing extra attention to detail.

On-time job Completion

We value time in our services and this is why we complete the paint job within the deadline. Each painting project is finished on time.

Quality Assurances

We ensure top-notch painting services in Dubai, with quality assurance of premium paints and finishing materials, ensuring utmost client satisfaction.

Affordable Pricing

Our overall painting services are available for a cheap price. You can call us anytime to get a quote for your project. We provide the right value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use only premium-grade paints, such as oil-based, latex, and acrylic. We choose these paint types based on the client’s wall surface. All these paints offer high durability, excellent coverage, and weather resistance for long-lasting visual appeal.

The duration of any painting project depends on factors like the size or area that needs painting and the wall surface type. On average, any painting job can take from a few days to a few weeks if done properly. This includes surface preparation, multiple paint coats, & dry time between those coats.

Yes, we are a customer-centric service offering free amenities to our customers even before an actual painting project. Call our helpline, and we will send an expert to inspect your wall and surface area before starting painting in Dubai. This helps us come up with a custom quote that we present to you complimentary.

Yes, as a company catering to multiple client bases, we do have eco-friendly painting options. These paints have 0-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels. They help improve the air quality indoors, making the property safer for inhabitants.

As one of the top-rated paint contractors in Dubai, we have the staff with the necessary expertise to handle equipment used to paint high-rise buildings. Our staff can use scaffolding, lifts, and other safety measures to complete the painting of high-rise buildings faster and better without much disruption for the building’s occupants.

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