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Our stainless steel skirting in Dubai is made from industrial-grade material for hard-wearing & damage resistance. With their clean lines and robust construction, stainless steel skirting boards are perfect for any commercial or residential setting.

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Where To Buy Stainless Skirting in Dubai?

Are you looking for a skirting type that offers long-lasting use? Your best bet is made of top-quality material. Floor Land is the premier supplier of skirting in Dubai that offers steel skirting combined with durability, style, and functionality. Choose from our stainless steel cove skirting or 100 mm brushed skirting options for both durability and low costs.

Our stainless steel wall skirting is known to protect walls from damages like scuffs, dents, scratches, moisture build-up, and knocks. With professional stainless steel skirting fitting any wall imperfections along edges like dirty stains, paint marks, or jumbled wires are perfectly concealed.


Choose From Our Diverse Stainless Steel Skirting Types

We offers a variety of stainless steel skirting types. Our skirting boards can add aesthetic charm and functionality to your living spaces.

Brushed Stainless Steel Skirting

Brushed Stainless Steel Skirting

  • A modern brushed skirting finish for an aesthetic look
  • Quality steel material for scuff & scratch resistance
  • Get in diamond, matte, & fine-grain brushed finishes
  • Suited for corridors, hallways & entryways with foot traffic
Folded Stainless Skirting

Folded Stainless Steel Skirting

  • Folded edges of stainless steel offer clean look
  • Folded construct offers rigidity for long-lasting use
  • Comes in single, double, & Bullnose folds
  • Suited for high-end commercial & residential spaces
Metal Skirting

Polished Stainless Steel Skirting

  • Mirror finishing for a reflective surface & shiny look
  • Increased resistance against corrosion & rusting
  • Multiple finishes like textured, mirror-like, & high-gloss
  • Ideal for hotels, resorts, corporate offices & boardrooms

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Call our helpline or contact us via email to get 24/7 customer support to buy stainless steel wall skirting online in Dubai. Avail of our complimentary wall measurements.

Get Expert Stainless Steel Skirting Installation in Dubai

Don’t worry about the cost when you are dealing with Floor Land, Dubai’s premier flooring company. We provide budget-friendly stainless steel skirting installation services in Dubai. You will see boos in the look and durability of your floors with our top-grade skirting solutions.

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Why Choose Floor Land For Stainless Steel Skirting?

The answer to why people choose us for stainless steel skirting in Dubai is simple: Quality Products & Services. At our store, you can get affordable metal skirting solutions.

Professional Installers

Our metal skirting fitters have decade-long expertise in installation for a sleek appearance.

Custom Designs

We provide customers with plenty of customization options in skirting for preferred aesthetics.


We provide a wide selection of stainless steel skirting in Dubai – all at market-competitive prices.

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