Is Laminate Flooring a Good Choice for Your Bathroom

Is Laminate Flooring For The Bathroom a Good Choice?

One of the best flooring options, and one that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, is Laminate Flooring. There are three reasons for its popularity: low prices, high resilience, and a wide range of styles to choose from. You can have laminate floors that look like many natural materials, including classical wood or stone, but only for a minimum of their original price.

The question now remains, Is laminate flooring a good choice for your bathrooms? Considering bathrooms; and the wet and humid places, any luxury flooring might seem like an overstretch to answer. Still, we have laid down everything in this blog today. We will help you decide for yourself if this flooring type is good for bathroom floors or not.

Laminate Flooring: Why Is It So Popular These Days?

Why Laminate Flooring So Popular These Days

To know if laminate floors are suitable for bathrooms or not, you first need to understand why they are so in trend these days. Below are some of the reasons for its popularity.

  • Affordability: Compared with solid wood or stone floors, laminate flooring provides the same aesthetic feel at low prices.
  • Aesthetics: As a flooring made from synthetic materials, it comes in plenty of styles, colors, finishes, and textures. One can achieve the desired aesthetic visuals and that too with a comfortable surface to walk on.
  • High Resilience: These floors are much more resilient to natural elements than most flooring. This is because of their multiple laminate coatings, which make them withstand high wear and tear.
  • Mess-Free Maintenance: The multiple laminate finishes and protective layers make laminate floors resistant to stains, spills, and scratches. This also makes cleaning it a breeze.
  • Easy to Install: Laminate flooring is mostly available with a click-lock system. This allows for easy installation, which means lower costs for this chic flooring type.

What Are The Cons of Having Laminate Flooring in Bathrooms?

Now addressing that big giant elephant in the room; Laminate floors and moisture-prone bathrooms. It’s no secret that bathrooms are places with high moisture content, and humidity, and are prone to constant water presence. Laminate flooring with its water-resistant laminate layer might provide some protection, but things can certainly get tricky at one point. Let’s look at these cons of having laminate flooring in bathrooms.

  • Not Waterproof: Multiple layers of laminate protect laminate flooring, making it highly water resistant. Still, this resistance doesn’t mean that it is completely waterproof. When exposed to moisture for longer periods, it can swell up and warp.
  • High Maintenance: Whenever there are spills on your laminate flooring, you need to clean them up immediately. For laminate flooring in the bathroom, this all the time maintenance can become a real hassle. The suitable options for bathrooms are tiles or vinyl flooring.

Tips for Using Laminate Flooring In Bathrooms

Cons of Having Laminate Flooring in Bathrooms

If you are hell-bent on using these laminate floors in your bathrooms, there is still a way. However, it will require many things to be done just right to make it work. Below are some tips on how to use laminate flooring in bathrooms.

Opt For Enhanced Water Resistant Layer

There are many manufacturers of laminate flooring that offer laminate flooring with water-resistant layers. Among those few, some are exceptional ones, who upon your request and knowing the need will provide these floors with an even enhanced version of water-resistant lamination – ideal for bathrooms.

Seal The Plank Seam Properly

Laminate flooring often comes in large individual planks, and when installed, there are bound to be seams between them. These seams are where water can seep inside, and you can close these seams with waterproof sealant.

Lay Down Some Bathroom Mats & Rugs

There are places within the bathroom that experience moisture more than others. These areas include the front of your sink, beneath the shower, and around the bathtub. For such areas, try placing a water-absorbing bathroom mat or rug there.

Keep Humidity In Check

You can also keep your bathrooms well-ventilated to air dry them from all the excess moisture. You can install exhaust fans to help lower the humidity and moisture in the bathroom. Other than that, invest in a quality humidifier to keep it dry.

Daily Maintenance On Your Part

If left unattended for even a day, laminate floors can start experiencing many flooring uses. Your prompt and daily attention to maintenance is required. Clean up any residual water in the room, not letting it sit for too long on these laminate floors. Keep note of any signs of wear and tear and address them as soon as you can.

Alternatives To Laminate Flooring For Bathrooms

So, while laminate flooring for the bathroom has some benefits, it also has some real problems. If you wish for flooring that is free from all the hassles of maintenance and cleaning, we have some great alternatives, like the following.

  1. Tile Flooring: Tiles are classic and offer a timeless look. They are also highly durable and extremely resistant to water damage.
  2. Vinyl Sheet Flooring: This highly affordable flooring option comes in different patterns and is water-resistant for long-lasting use.
  3. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile): It is a versatile type that, like laminate flooring, mimics the looks of natural materials like stone or wood. It has a 15+ year lifespan and is water resistant.

Buy Water Resistant Laminate Flooring For Bathroom From Floor Land

If you have made up your mind to install laminate flooring in bathroom, you can contact Floor Land – the best flooring company in Dubai offers the laminate flooring that comes with Aqua Pearl System that make it water resistant and you can use them in moisture prone areas without worries.

Our Final Say

You decide whether to have laminate flooring installed in your bathrooms. If your lifestyle, your pocket, and your risk acceptance allow it, laminate flooring can be a good choice. It is a highly affordable and stylish flooring solution. But when renovating the home, especially the bathroom, do compare it with other flooring alternatives.