How to Choose Laminate Flooring Color - Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose Laminate Flooring Color – Guide To Choose The Right Color

Laminate flooring is one of the widely popular floor-covering solutions among modern homeowners. It offers style & long-lasting durability at affordable prices. However, the problem is in how to choose laminate flooring color. With a limitless range of colors & various finishes available, the selection process becomes a bit overwhelming. Well, do not be flustered, your friendly guide is here to help you choose the right laminate flooring color.

Guide For Choosing The Right Laminate Flooring Color

This here is the comprehensive guide with all the right steps and factors you need to check & keep in mind before selecting laminate flooring color.

1.   Know Your Room Size & Its Light In-Flow

Know Your Room Size & Its Light In-Flow

The first thing you must consider is the size of your room and how much natural light it experiences. Laminate flooring’s glossy surface and exquisite finishes give a visual illusion of expansive space – creating a luxury ambiance. You can use colors to get the best effect on with your laminate floor type.

  • Choose colors like birch, light oak, or maple wood for smaller rooms. They will reflect light better from your laminate floors and make the room appear bigger.
  • For large rooms, go for dark bold tones such as mahogany, walnut, or the untraditional deep gray. These tones work best for creating a cohesive living environment.
  • If your room has ample sunlight exposure, you can choose from both light & dark color tones. Lighter shades will add to the room’s natural brightness, whereas, dark colors will create a cozy ambiance.

2.   How To Match Mood With Laminate Floor Colors

Laminate floors are more than just your flooring treatment; they are an interior element to set the mood for your living spaces. Factor in the mood that you wish to create;

  • To create an inviting and comforting ambiance, go with warm undertone colors of cherry, reddish brown, or honey oak.
  • To create a contemporary aesthetic look, look into finishes with light gray undertones, soft beige, or a stone texture with neutral whites.
  • Create a rustic charm for your interior decor by having laminate flooring with natural wood finishes. Choose from reclaimed wood patterns, or go for the distressed look of weathered down oak or hickory.

3.   Floor Colors Should Match With Other Room Elements

This is the tricky bit but ultimately the fun one if you are into home decor & interior design. You need to match your choice of laminate floor color with your existing room’s decor & color elements.

  • If your room walls & furniture are of bold colors, opt for neutral laminate flooring to act as a base for interior decor.
  • Complement the color of the wall & furniture with your laminate floors. For example, if the laminate flooring you choose is of brown shade, the wall color should be green or soft blue for a visually aesthetic look.
  • If you have wooden furniture, choose for laminate flooring with the same color tone & grain pattern for a better cohesive look.

4.   Factor In Practicality Of Your Color Choice

Factor In Practicality Of Your Color Choice

Color choice for laminate flooring has an impact on many factors like show of wear & tear signs & resale value. Your laminate flooring with dark colors will show more dust & scratches while a lighter color might show stains & dirt. We recommended;

  • Opt for mid-tone colors such as walnut & oak for laminate floors in high-foot traffic areas. They hide dirt & signs of wear and tear effectively.
  • With pets & kids in the home, if you plan to install laminate flooring, choose mid-tone colors, and the flooring should be hand-scraped and textured. This hides scuff marks & scratches from clawing.
  • In case you plan to sell the property in the future, the resale value will be on the high side with neutral colors. Popular choices for laminate floor colors in neutral shades include hickory, maple, and oak.

5.   Your Personal Color Preference & Aesthetic Vision Matters

The choice for laminate floor colors needs to be made based on your personal aesthetic preferences. Your home and its floors should be the reflection of your taste & style as a modern homeowner. Go for colors that bring you happiness and make you feel comfortable.

  • Many flooring service providers offer free sample deliveries for laminate floor colors. Get these samples and lay them in the room and observe how they feel under natural & artificial light. Also, check if they add to your existing interior decor or not.
  • There are also flooring companies with online visualization tools. Just upload a picture of your room and see how it looks in different laminate flooring colors.

Some of the Best Laminate Flooring Color Options

Best and Right Laminate Flooring Color Options

The dark color tones for floors make them appear smaller with lighter shades giving an expansive look. So, you wish to choose a laminate flooring color that can make your room look bigger than it is. We have the perfect color range choices for you to choose from.

Light Colored White Laminate Floors

The white color for the floor might seem like a stretch as they can get messy easily. However, installing this color flooring gives your room that spacious look. Choosing the white for laminate flooring color creates an illusion of high ceilings. It is ideal for brightening up living rooms, bedrooms, or offices.

Grey Laminate Flooring

One of the colors that are on the trend for laminate flooring is Grey. Grey is known for giving that calming effect. Plus, it just gives that balanced look to interior decor. For ones who have trouble finding the right laminate flooring color, gray is versatile – a neutral shade known for creating a stylish dining room or bathroom.

Dark Themed – Black Laminate Flooring

Installing black laminate floors might seem like a rushed decision at first. But once you have it fitted, you will see how it blends with your home decor. Set a unique tone for your office or home with black laminate flooring.

Some Extra Tips On How To Choose Laminate Flooring Color

We offer you some helpful tips that will go along well on your adventure of choosing the right color laminate floors.

  1. Always choose the laminate flooring with the AC rating for residential or commercial use.
  2. Trends are good for the NOW but classics are timeless; staying for a long time. If you plan to stay long, go for the traditional patterns & colors.
  3. Do not feel flustered when it comes to seeking help in choosing colors for laminate flooring. Consult with flooring experts in person or on call – our flooring company in Dubai offer this service for free.


When you are looking into selecting colors for laminate flooring, it should be a balance of your personal style & practical flooring needs. Room size, existing decor, and lifestyle habits; all should be factored in during your selection of laminate flooring color. Whether you wish for dark tones, medium undertones, or lighter shades; there is a laminate flooring color that suits your aesthetic vision.