What to Do with Furniture When Getting New Flooring Guide

What to Do with Furniture When Getting New Flooring 

You might have decided to treat your floors with a new flooring solution. Or perhaps you are doing the home renovation and ditching those old floor carpets with natural-looking hardwood floors. Whatever may be the case, getting new flooring is exciting. However, there is still one thing that needs attention before the actual flooring happens – dealing with the furniture.

If you are troubled by the question of what to do with furniture when getting new flooring this blog of ours will help you out. We will tell you all the strategies and tips that you need to move custom-made furniture with care for maximum efficiency. From spare room usage to innovative storage spaces; you can rest in ease that your custom sofa, chairs, tables, and other furnishing will be taken care of.

10 Tips For Dealing With Furniture When Getting New Floors

1.   You Need To Plan Before Flooring Installation

You Need To Plan Before Flooring Installation

To deal efficiently, you need to plan ahead of time even before the flooring project starts. Assess the room carefully where the new flooring installation will be done. After that, check the size and weight of your furniture. Doing so will allow you to come up with the best ways to store or move your furniture. Some tips for planning ahead of time include;

  • Know the size of your furniture so you can decide whether to move it or store it
  • Clear your hallways & doors from any obstacles to allow for easier furniture moving

2.   Sort Out Your Furniture

Before coming up with a solution on what to do with your furniture, you need to categorize it in a list on the following basis.

  • All the essential furniture items that you use frequently daily
  • All the non-essential furniture pieces that you can store without any trouble
  • Furniture pieces that are fragile and valuable and need special care when moving

3.   Make Use Of Temporary Storage Space For Your Furniture

You are about to get the SPC flooring for your kitchen or laminate flooring for your dining room. There is no need to worry about the furniture as we have the perfect solution; temporary storage solutions.

  • Spare Rooms: with a spare room in the house, you do not need to look elsewhere. This spare room can either be a guest room or an attic space.
  • Rental Storage Units: There are rental storage units that are quite spacious and allow you to move your larger furniture like sofas, tables, and beds.

4.   Ensure Proper Protection For Furniture

Ensure Proper Protection For Furniture

When you are having your new flooring fitted, you need to store your furniture properly. This doesn’t mean just throwing it in a spare room or a storage unit but taking care to protect it. Some tips for it include;

  • Large pieces of furniture such as your bed or dining tables, can be disassembled for easy moving & storage.
  • Always ensure proper protection of your furniture by covering it with plastic sheets or covers. This will protect it from dust, dents, & scratches.
  • Make sure you label the disassembled furniture before storing it. Place the screws and bolts in separate small containers or bags and label them.

5.   Spend Some Money On Professional Movers

If your furniture is custom-made and valuable; it requires special care when moving. Do not DIY it, there are professional furniture mover services. These service providers have the necessary expertise and the right tools for moving valuable furniture with care. These movers will also take care of the disassembly & assembly of the furniture.

6.   Always Do Furniture Moving In Stages

If you are getting carpet flooring for the entire home do more than just start moving the entire furniture of the house. Instead, the best way for furniture moving is to do it in stages.

  • Start moving the furniture one room at a time with flooring done in stages.
  • If your living space has an open plan with lots of furniture, divide the space and move the furniture as such.

7.   Go For The Minimalist Furniture Decor

With new parquet floors being done, it is a good time to revamp your interior decor. For this, we recommend minimalist home decor. For this, these tips are helpful.

  • Take this new flooring opportunity to declutter and rid your rooms of the furniture that you do not use.
  • Either sell the non-useable furniture that is in good condition or donate it to a charity organization.

8.   Discuss With The Flooring Contractor

Any new flooring process will be a streamlined one as long as you have a clear communication channel with your flooring contractor. You need to discuss these things prior with your contractor.

  • Ask them about clear project timelines including any potential delays
  • Many contractors offer furniture moving services free but you need to actively ask them for it.
  • In the case of valuable furniture, tell your contractor how to deal with it during the flooring.

Some Additional Tips To Enjoy Furniture Moving

You might think that furniture moving during the home flooring is a hassle. It is unless you treat it as an enjoyable process. Consider this an opportunity to give your home a new look with new floors. Some tips to enjoy furniture moving include;

  1. Visualize and by this we mean keep your mind on the bigger picture of how beautiful your home will look after new flooring.
  2. Treat the furniture moving as a minor inconvenience and keep your mood positive during the whole thing.
  3. Always celebrate small milestones in your home renovation as it will keep your spirits high.


If you plan a little bit with care and make use of our handy tips, you are bound to tackle the issue of dealing with furniture during new floor installations. With planning done ahead of time and exploring different moving & storage solutions, your home renovation process will be a stress-free one. With the new hardwood floors or vinyl flooring done, your new minimalistic furniture decor approach will be a great interior look. Focus on lasting beauty rather than inconvenience and happy flooring.