Install Vinyl Flooring over tile

Should You Install Vinyl Flooring Over Tile? 

When you’re thinking about changing up your property’s appearance, one essential preference is choosing the right floors. This choice would not just affect appearance, but practicality. In case you’re thinking about using vinyl floors and you are having tile flooring at your place, you might be questioning if you can actually place the vinyl on tiles.

So, can you install vinyl flooring over tile? The answer is yes! You can accomplish this, but you must be mindful of the floor height and the tile joints. Let’s take a closer look at vinyl flooring’s benefits by Floor Land, and how to install vinyl flooring over tile before you start laying the flooring!

Install Vinyl Flooring over tile

Why Install Vinyl Floor Over Tile?

The following are a few reasons why vinyl flooring is preferred over tile:

  1. Ease of Removal: The primary reason for choosing vinyl over tile is the ease of removal. Vinyl flooring Dubai is designed to be installed and uninstalled without much hassle. If your preferences change down the line, removing vinyl is a relatively quick task, allowing you to refresh your space in no time.
  2. Savings on Removal Costs: Tile removal can be a time-consuming and costly process, especially when hiring professionals. Opting for vinyl can save you both time and money, as you won’t have to deal with the expenses associated with tile removal.
  3. The Simplicity of Installation: Installing vinyl over tile is a DIY-friendly project that doesn’t require advanced skills. With proper preparation and the right tools, you can achieve professional-looking results on your own.

How To Install Vinyl Floor Over Tile?

If you understand how to place vinyl flooring over your tile, you’re all set. It’s similar to laying flooring over any type of floor underneath. You’ll just need to do a few extra steps. We will show you the simplest method for installing this flooring over tiles.

Step 1: Assess Tile Condition

Before you begin, inspect the tile floor for any damaged or loose tiles. Addressing these issues before installation is essential to ensure a smooth and stable vinyl surface.

Step 2: Remove Baseboards

Taking off the baseboards provides a cleaner look and ensures that your vinyl flooring fits perfectly against the walls. This step also allows you to install your vinyl seamlessly, preventing gaps and enhancing aesthetics.

Step 3: Patch Grout Lines

Even if the tile surface appears even, applying a patch to the grout lines helps create a smoother base for the vinyl. Fill the grout lines with appropriate patching material to level the surface.

Step 4: Thoroughly Clean the Surface

After the patch dries, clean the entire floor area carefully. A clean surface is crucial for ensuring proper adhesion of the vinyl flooring. Dirt and debris can compromise the installation and the longevity of the new floor.

Step 5: Start Laying Vinyl Planks

Begin installing the vinyl planks from a corner of the room. Carefully plan your layout, especially if you’re aiming for specific patterns. This planning ensures you have the right number of planks and a visually appealing outcome.

Step 6: Cut Planks as Needed

You might need to cut the vinyl planks to adjust them at corners. Be careful while using grinder or any other equipment for cutting planks.

Step 7: Choose a Finishing Pattern

To complete the installation, decide on a finishing pattern. You can either continue with full rows or opt for a stair-step pattern. Choose the method that suits the type of vinyl flooring you’re installing.


Installing vinyl flooring over tile offers a practical solution for those seeking to avoid the challenges of tile removal. With its easy installation and removal, vinyl provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With the help of these steps, you can transform your space, achieving a beautifully laid vinyl floor that enhances your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a beginner, this method allows you to create a stunning floor with minimal effort and maximum impact!