What Makes SPC Flooring Waterproof?

Home floors are susceptible to water spills and liquid splashes all the time. No matter how much care you take, it’s bound to happen. Our floors are in a constant war against the devastating moisture damage. Considering these flooring needs of many, the flooring industry came up with an ideal floor covering solution – SPC (stone Plastic Composite) flooring.

These SPC floors are hailed as the perfect waterproof solution for any flooring need. Now, the question is what makes these SPC flooring waterproof? To answer that, keep on reading this blog today.

SPC Flooring – What Does The Multiple-Layer Build Means?

SPC Flooring – What Does The Multiple-Layer Build Means

As you might have heard already, SPC flooring is made from vinyl but is far more durable than simple vinyl flooring. It has multiple layers of protection that make it durable and waterproof. These layers include:

  • Wear & Tear Layer: The outermost layer offers resistance against stains & scratches for long-lasting use.
  • Vinyl-Material Layer: This layer of vinyl features different patterns and designs for visual appeal.
  • The SPC Core: The stone plastic composite core is made from polyvinyl chloride, limestone powder, and many stabilizers. This layer gives it waterproof properties.
  • The Underlayment: This last layer is actually underneath the floorboards or tiles for comfort walking & sound control.

How Is Waterproofing Achieved For SPC Flooring?

The multiple-layer build of the SPC flooring is what makes it waterproof. However, there are other factors that contribute to its waterproof properties, which are as follows.

SPC Core

The heart and soul of SPC flooring lies in its SPC core, which offers a special composition that gives it a waterproofing effect. This core is made from natural limestone powder mixed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To keep both of these materials joined, stabilizers are added to make the structure stable and resistant to moisture. Contrary to natural wood floors, these SPC flooring will not absorb moisture and swell up.

Professional & Flawless Floor Fitting

The biggest factor for the waterproofing of SPC flooring comes from its flawless floor fitting. SPC flooring is available in the click lock system, which gives smooth joints for the floor planks. This fitting method also prevents any moisture split from making its way into the floorboards underneath. With a professional floor installation service, your floors will have a water-tight seal to prevent moisture & mold build-up.

Wear & tear Layer

The topmost layer for SPC flooring is the wear and tear layer, which is transparent. This coating is highly durable and provides resistance to scratches, stains, and watermarks. This first layer is a barrier to liquid spills and protects the floors. This layer can degrade over time, but there are resilient layers as well, which can be long-lasting.

Cutting-Edge Technological Advancement For SPC Flooring

The flooring industry has also benefited from the advent of technology. These SPC floors are also the result of multiple technological advancements that give them waterproofing capabilities.

Core-Build Technology

Core technology has come a long way, and the flooring industry is benefitting from it. Your SPC floors are made with stable SPC cores to offer a low risk of water leaking inside. With the latest techniques in core technology, your flooring gets that stable walking surface, making it ideal for humid spaces that experience issues like flooring warping, swelling, or buckling.

Improved Wear Layers

As you might already know, the wear and tear layers of SPC floors are the first line of defense against moisture. These layers are often made more resilient to resist water damage. Many SCP flooring suppliers also treat these layers with a UV-cured one, which prevents color fading under intense sunlight.

Better Installation Mechanisms

Like the technological advent in core & protecting layer technology, there are advancements in click-lock mechanisms that make the SPC flooring waterproof. There are various modern installation & fitting systems that offer a much tighter fitting of the floor planks. These tight fittings are also what help in the penetration of water through your SPC floors.

Advantages of Having SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is truly a versatile flooring option with its enhanced waterproof properties and ability to offer the look of natural elements like stone or real wood. Other than this, there are also many other advantages of SPC flooring. Few are as follows.

Ideal For Any Type Of Living Space

With perfect waterproofing, SPC flooring is ideal for use in almost any kind of commercial or residential space. In rooms of a house like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, which experience a lot of moisture damage, it works well.

Easy To Maintain

SPC flooring is really easy to clean, especially because of its waterproof properties. Unlike other flooring treatments, one can easily clean it with wet mops to remove spills or stains without worrying about moisture damage.

Underfoot Comfort

SPC flooring has a fourth layer of soft underlayment that offers comfort underfoot when walking. It also offers some degree of thermal insulation and noise control. The waterproofing feature prevents mildew or mold growth, which is common among other flooring types.

Want To Install Waterproof SPC Flooring in Your Home?

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So, if you are looking into modern floor types with excellent waterproofing properties, take your time and check out our waterproof SPC flooring. For professional installation and top-tier SPC flooring options, contact Floor Land LLC today and transform your living space with the best waterproof flooring solution available.

Our Final Thoughts

SPC flooring is a game changer for the flooring industry and homeowners’ needs. With amazing material options, easy-to-install methods, and a variety of pattern and design options to choose from, SPC flooring is ideal for waterproof and stylish flooring. So, if you are looking into modern floor types with excellent waterproofing properties, take your time and check out SPC flooring.